“I don’t want to be passed off as a victim”: Recently, mother, handball player Chloé Bulleux, looked back on her mishap with the Toulon club

Some after-effects of partying are headache-inducing. However, the present case has nothing to do with defeats. Toulon and Saint-Raphaël lost their respective games against Paris (21:29) and Montpellier (36:38) at a gala event in front of 3,000 spectators in the sports hall of Toulon on Saturday evening. (1) But international international Chloé Bulleux’s words about her own club resonated widely on Sunday and Monday. Both in the media and on social networks.

The right wingers, on parental leave since the start of the season and a young mother since April 1is February, TMV uploaded live to the beIN Sports mic: “I had an election year that was canceled by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt that I received at home [en novembre] compassionate. No one called me to say we’re not continuing the adventure together.” Before adding: “It’s clearly because I’ve had a baby.” A reason that the Toulon leadership formally denied in a press release yesterday (read opposite). The 2016 Olympic runner-up with 19 blue selections believes she is “From Captain to Nothing”. After her heart’s cry, the thirty-something woman had neither expected nor wanted such enthusiasm for her personal case “Don’t spoil this beautiful hand party”. One party is now in trouble.

How do you feel two days after your heart cry?

There was a lot of noise about my speech, but it wasn’t the goal at all. It happened live, of course, I answered with my heart. All this excitement fell on me. But the scale it takes is pretty incredible. It’s even a bit scary in a way. However, I didn’t mean to spoil this beautiful celebration of the hand, sorry. It wasn’t planned, I didn’t want to cause a stir.

Despite this, you received a lot of support…

Yes, I have received many messages that sincerely touch me.

Seeing all these people supporting me makes me very happy. After that, I don’t want to pass for a victim. Now I don’t want to add more.

Do you blame the club more for form, substance or both?

It’s more of an ethical issue. Even if I think that they didn’t decide for financial or sporting reasons, but because I got pregnant.

The club certifies that they warned their agent, but also mentions an “omission”, an “error” and “shallow apologies”…

I called the coach [Stéphane Plantin] and the general director [Vincent Millereux] At the end of January, just before the birth, when I found out on social networks that it is a professional player [Manon Pellerin, en provenance de Saint-Amand, D2] had signed for me alongside Élise Caramello. They apologized because I called. When I got the referral I didn’t call anyone, I figured they would be waiting to see me again like they told me. But after this additional recruitment, I wanted to know my future. I didn’t have any info.

Does this necessarily mean the end of your career?

It’s not because of Toulon that I decide to end my career. The club’s decision only affects my optional year. If I want I can go somewhere else. Now I have a family life, here in Toulon, I don’t want to move again to play for two more years.

Do you plan to return at the end of the season?

It’s possible, only it might be fair enough. I would like to come back to play one last match but it seems quite complicated. I had a difficult birth with an emergency c-section. I bet on the first date next year to be 100%.

1. A party organized by the two leading Var women’s and men’s handball clubs.

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