Hummingbird, the application to help children who are being bullied at school

A big green smile to say everything is fine, right down to the red emoticon not smiling at allApplication hummingbird offers among other things – a emotions weather so that the child can share his mood of the day, as Salem Tirane, president of the association Marion La Main Tendue, explains: “From the home page, the child can determine their emotions of the day and pass this information on to their parents or simply for them on a daily basis.

“Hummingbird” is the name of the application launched on Thursday April 7th by the Association to Combat Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools. Initially present in Essonne, the association opened a new structure in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. According to the barometer that conducted it, almost every second Frenchman (41%) say they have repeatedly and continuously suffered some form of verbal, physical or psychological violence in or outside of school. Violence that occurs primarily in middle school (54%). To fight against this, the association has decided to go even further and this time launch a free application for children and parents.

The development took a year. Its use is simple. Just download it and create an account. Then the child or teen can indicate their emotions, but also indicate whether they are being harassed or witness bullying. Again, no words needed. Just start a conversation with the application that offers already written sentences. For example : “Are you a victim or witness of bullying? The facts happened in your class? In the schoolyard? Is this the first time? Etc.” The child just has to click.

Emoticons instead of words

For Mathilde Zrida, who is responsible for the club’s therapeutic side, the fact that you don’t have to verbalize your emotions makes it easier: “In such a situation we are either stunned or scared. We are therefore unable to formulate our own words. On top of that, the victims feel guilty and when they say they deserve what is happening to them. It’s very malignant and has long-term consequences.”

This is also what the application aims to do Strengthen communication with parents. You can scan a QR code on your child’s phone to track their emotions as they develop. If the child has shown negative emotions for several days, the parents know about this and can start a dialogue with him to try to understand the reasons for this. For Mathilde Zrida “It’s really the first step to then being able to act.”

“I feel guilty because I didn’t understand”

That application didn’t yet exist when Nathalie’s 11-year-old son was molested at a college in Ile-de-France where he was in sixth grade: “He complained about comrades who regularly teased him. He also told me he threw up in college. It was when he had health issues that I had like lightning and then it all broke out. It was a bomb. He told me he didn’t want to hurt me so he would cry in the toilet. We are completely helpless as parents and we are alone. So I researched the internet and came across the Marion La Main Tendue club.”

For this 52-year-old mom, the Hummingbird application could actually make a difference: “The day he doesn’t talk about it when he’s feeling down, he picks up his phone and clicks to say he’s not feeling well. It can alert parents to find a solution.” Today Nathalie’s son left college and is waiting for the next school year to be accepted into an institution “Adapted to His Trauma”.

Finally, the application also offers the urgent numbers competently. The user just needs to click on the number they want to call to be notified. They can also enter the contact of other people they can call if necessary, such as their grandparents or any adult the child trusts.

Among the useful numbers there are 3018, 3020 or even 3114.

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