How to make the Avenue des Plans in Saint-Laurent-du-Var safe for children?

What is the best way to secure the Avenue of the Plan? We are currently asking ourselves this question in Saint-Laurent-du-Var. The real estate project “Les Jardins de Michelis” has 69 apartments and will start work shortly, in the middle of this narrow avenue frequented by 700 children due to the four primary schools and kindergartens in the area.

The municipality has taken a stand against this construction project. But after all requests were rejected, Saint-Laurent Mayor Joseph Segura regrets: “Now we have to take care of it.”

The city is currently considering a traffic redesign that would make it possible to secure the area for the duration of the work.

At the beginning of the year, she met residents and parents of schoolchildren twice for an information event. The city’s proposed solutions failed to convince some local residents, who petitioned for a hearing. Explanations.

What does the town hall offer?

During the information meeting, the city proposed to allow the construction trucks to pass through Avenue Louis Roux and to convert the entire Avenue des Plans into a south/north one-way street, exiting via the Fahnestock cornice.

In addition, the direction of travel would be reversed on Rue Rondelly. The one on rue Layet-Bérenger will remain as it is because reversing it would make it impossible for residents to enter their property.

In addition, the town hall plans to draw up timetables. Trucks are only allowed to drive between 9 a.m. and 11.45 a.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

To facilitate traffic and limit the speed of trucks, four posts and barriers would be installed, as well as two speed bumps and a “stop” at the junction with Rue Jules Verne.

What do local residents offer?

But the change proposed by City Hall worries local residents. On behalf of their petition, which was launched shortly after the briefing held at the end of March, they are unequivocal: “Against the plan’s avenue traffic direction change.”

They fear that by making the entire road one way, “it becomes the main thoroughfare of the city center for convenience”.

A local resident solves the equation: “More people = more danger for children.” Another added: ‘To leave our house you would then have to go round the Avenue des Plans to come out via Montaleigne. We would be like an inland neighborhood.”

What also worries them: the weight of the trucks. They refuse to see 32 tons in circulation. “From 19 tons to the maximum”, claims a local resident who, one evening, shows a photo of a garbage truck crossing Plan Avenue. “See it scraping the barriers? Imagine 32 tons in the middle of the day with all the kids around!”

What they propose: to bring the trucks over the avenue Jules-Michel. “And put construction workers on the bottom and top of the road to secure the passage of children and ensure a good view for truck drivers.” This group of neighbors also reject pedestrian protection “removed to allow truck maneuvering”.

As of Tuesday April 11, the petition had collected 163 signatures. But local residents claim to have approached students’ parents at the end of the lesson and collected more than 300.

A compromise?

City Hall was greatly upset by this petition. “We are open to dialogue and we are ready to hear everyone’s suggestions”assures the mayor, Joseph Segura.

“We will put pressure on the project promoter to make everything safe, he promises to use city police officers … There is no perfect solution, but what we are trying to do, we propose, is frozen, we can change it.” Contrary to what was said in this petition, no municipal decree was issued.”

The mayor said he was ready to meet with residents to reach an agreement, recalling that they all have the same problem: protecting children.

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