How to have a successful family holiday?

For many families, the holiday season is a special time. It is not just the opportunity to relax and unwind from intensive work phases, but above all the opportunity to finally spend more time together, far away from the hectic everyday life. Time suspends their flight a bit and everyone benefits from a free timetable. But behind this idyllic picture of a family holiday, there is also the complexity of the organization and, above all, the challenge of making things right for everyone. Here are some keys so that organizing your next getaway doesn’t turn into a headache or a nightmare.

Travel with ready-made formulas

If you don’t like to improvise and the real relaxation for you is to be taken care of during your holiday and also during its preparation, then the all-in-one formulas will suit your needs.

If you don’t have time to spend hours looking for a hotel, connections between the city and the airport and planning each of your visits, you should definitely entrust your next stay to a travel professional.

Family travel is even more demanding and My Family-Time understands this well, knowing exactly what parents expect from young children, teenagers or adults. First, the dream is often to share privileged moments with the children, but also to get away from it to enjoy getaways for two, the time of a dinner, a day trip or a session of sport.

Hiring a family travel specialist is therefore the certainty of being offered suitable places, suitably equipped and with staff who are used to looking after young children and who have been carefully selected for these specific skills.

For this reason, the so-called “club” formulas remain excellent solutions if you do not want to manage anything on site with personalized support for each member of the trip. Likewise, serviced villa rentals can be an option for those who want tranquility, privacy and a good level of service.

Going on an adventure

Other families, on the other hand, prefer to embark on a more adventurous trip, either with just one flight and booking the first night in a hotel, or with an organized round of accommodation.

Again, using a travel agency accustomed to preparing holidays for families is an undeniable advantage in order not to have unpleasant surprises upon arrival. The agency will have verified that the hotels or guesthouses have child-friendly facilities (cot, high chair for meals, babysitting reservations, etc.) and meals that suit their tastes.

It’s also an undeniable time saver upstream, as finding all this accommodation and activities to suit everyone can quickly take up too many winter evenings and spoil the joy of heading out.

It’s also the joy of discovering what the travel agent has concocted for you, allowing you to make adjustments when there is time and not in a hurry when you arrive on site.

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