How to find the Apple Fitness+ Postpartum Program

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(Pocket-lint) – Apple Fitness+ offers a variety of workout options, from core and strength classes to Pilates and meditation, but the platform also offers a range of programs to help you reach your fitness goals. One of these is a postpartum program designed to help new mothers get back in shape after giving birth, regardless of the birth.

The program follows Apple’s “Staying Active While Pregnancy” program, which consists of 10 episodes and is designed to help mothers stay active during a healthy pregnancy. “Get in Shape After Having a Baby” has seven episodes to start with and is intended to help you after pregnancy.

Learn how to find and access the Apple Fitness+ Postpartum Program and its offerings.

What does the Get in Shape program offer after having a Fitness+ baby?

As we briefly mentioned, the Apple Fitness+ program, Get Fit After Having a Baby, has seven episodes. It’s designed for anyone who has recently had a baby, and there are different options for each birth, although Apple advises you to speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before beginning the program.

The program’s core workouts are designed to reconnect your core. They will help you rebuild your core and back strength while training your pelvic floor. You’ll also find upper, lower, and full-body strength workouts where you can use a light to medium dumbbell or just your bodyweight, depending on where you are in your workout.

The post-baby fitness program also features mindful cooldowns that include stretches that target common post-pregnancy pain points and meditations that focus on issues such as self-care and patience.

Each of the seven sessions lasts 10 minutes and is led by Betina.

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How do I find and start the Fitness+ program?

Apple Fitness+ programs can be found in the Fitness+ app in the Fitness app iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps below to access the Get in Shape After Having a Baby program.

  1. Open the Fitness app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap the Fitness+ tab at the bottom of the screen
  3. On the Fitness+ main page, scroll down
  4. You’ll see the programs as soon as you scroll through New Workouts, New Meditations, and Collections
  5. Swipe right to left when you see the Programs tab if you don’t see the Postpartum Program tile
  6. Tap the Getting in Shape After Having a Baby app tile to see options for episodes
  7. Tap the episode you want to make and tap Let’s Go
  8. Or press the “+” and the cloud with the arrow to download the episode

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