How they welcomed their surprise baby

Blanche: “I was afraid of family reactions”

As a young nurse, Blanche becomes pregnant. Not married yet, she has a permanent contract. The father, 22, does not yet have a job. “It was a real surprise,” says the young girl from Lille. We didn’t expect to become parents right away. However, we had already discussed this possibility with each other and by the evening of the announcement, this baby was already part of our lives. We asked ourselves how we could organize ourselves materially. I spoke to my manager who was very responsive and even defended me to management. I took that as a good sign! In fact, everything has been arranged for this baby to arrive in a cheerful atmosphere. After discovering coincidences of dates, I felt heavenly accompanied by one of my aunts who died suddenly a few years ago while pregnant. On the side of my very religious family, I was concerned about their reaction. Thanks to Providence, everything went well and the announcement was accompanied by beautiful emotions! »

Isabelle: “Every time you do it to one of those little ones…”

Isabelle is already a mother of 4 teenagers in her 40’s when, only 15 months apart, two babies were announced that were not planned at all. “I’ve always looked forward to holding these babies, but my previous pregnancies have exhausted meexplains Isabelle. I was very afraid of these new pregnancies – real hardships for me – as well as the births and the fatigue that followed. I went through very difficult times of discouragement. With my spouse, supported by our faith, we made two acts of trust: we chose to stay in the boat with Jesus in the middle of a storm, rather than sail the calm seas without him. We also remembered His word: “Every time you did it to one of these least of my brethren, you did it to me (Matthew 25:40)”. For example, faced with a nauseating shift, I tried to remind myself that doing my duty was a way of welcoming Jesus himself. I have endured these long months with great difficulty, but to whom but Jesus could I go? »

Claire: “Unexpectedly, my child forces me to refocus”

Claire, 40, finds herself in an awkward situation when she finds out she’s pregnant. “I immediately felt a motherly feeling for this babyshe testifies. But with the child’s father, we weren’t ready at the stage of our relationship. As a single mom, I felt guilty for welcoming this child into an environment where he could feel rejected by his father. My friends, my family and prayer have helped me a lot. Abortion was not a solution for me. I, too, initially had a sense of unfairness towards infertile couples, which I thought I was. In the absence of a relationship, I decided to create a calm atmosphere for the baby and as calming a situation as possible. I was finally surprised to see how much God was there: In my depressive moments, I often had someone calling me or offering to help me. There are still some questions to be answered today, but I continue to trust in God and in this child that he has given me. My faith and my daughter’s zest for life were previously undreamt-of driving forces. »

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