how Prince Charles was seduced by Camilla

In 1971, Prince Charles was 23 years old, a young man who was not quite like the others and wore more suits than the “exposed beam” jeans that were common at the time.

We can already see that he wants to free himself and get rid of the corset of professional conventions: one day he will wear the crown and be King of England. In 1971, his life seemed already mapped out when he suddenly met Camilla. “It was sensational at the time,” says Elisabeth Gouslan, journalist and author of Meghan or Princess despairon the microphone of D day.

“In fact, she is at this time the young Marianne Faithful double (…) and this Camilla is not bad, she has a Margaret side [la sœur d’Elizabeth II, ndlr]she goes to clubs, she likes rock, She smokes 20 Marlboros a day she drinks gin and cocktails,” Elisabeth Gouslan continues. “So that means she’s a young woman of her time, a free woman, a liberated woman who does what he pleases, and at some point that must please Prince Charles, who is completely corseted by convention in his life,” adds Flavie Flament D day.

“She stands out in the wings at Buckingham Palace and Windsor, although she also comes from a distinguished gentry family (…) she’s all in this underground we love from the 70’s”, also analyzes Elisabeth Gouslan.

Love at first sight at a polo match

It’s love at first sight between Prince Charles and Camilla. “It’s curious how they very strong women, the wives of the Crown of England are stirring things up. Is it Kate? [Middleton]meghan [Markle]well not Lady Di, who really is the adorable little victim, but everyone else is knocking on destiny’s door,” notes the journalist.

Camilla was invited to a polo match in 1971, “she found herself in a box which she knew would overpower Charles and she encouraged him”. “He loses this match but he wins a blitz, unless it’s already taken. So it’s terrible to arouse the love of a prince when you know that we’re not going to marry him anyway,” concludes Elisabeth Gouslan. Indeed, Camilla is fiancee then to Andrew Parker Bowles.

“It is a woman who is listening and which still has to have several eggs in the same basket,” adds the journalist. “She’s also falling in love with Charles, who will remain her only love a real love story who was born on that day,” adds Flavie Flament.

A secret relationship known to all

However, Camilla does not go Andrew Parker Bowles for Prince Charles. “She understood very well that the litany, that the Windsor sanitary cordon is not for her, unlike Lady Di, who we knew couldn’t say no at 18 because she didn’t know what it was. And we’ve seen the drama of that ignorance and openness,” says Elisabeth Gouslan. Camilla, “will do even better than marrying the palace [de Buckingham]she will have a secret story. She’ll have the butter and the butter’s money downstairs,” she continues.

But as Flavie Flament points out, everyone knew about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ adulterous relationship. “his beloved of heart”. “Everyone is against it, so they [la famille royale] Rush to rush Camilla’s wedding what that means to Charles their union is impossible”, reveals Elisabeth Gouslan.

On February 24, 1981, Prince Charles formalized their relationship diana spencer, in front of journalists. The couple wed on July 29, 1981 to fanfare and in front of cameras around the world at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. As far as we know, Prince Charles cried the whole night before the ceremony.

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