How many names can we give our baby?

Every future parent’s secret Choose your baby’s name. This surname needs to associate well with your surname, be original enough not to be overused but also not too much to avoid being ridiculed. In short, there are quite a number of factors to consider. But in fact How many first names can a child have? ? If it’s not uncommon to have a middle or even a middle name, how far can you go? The answer may surprise you.

Baby names: what is the maximum?

The first thing you need to know is this Give your child a middle name it is not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended, in particular by the circular of 28 October 2011 on civil status, which states: “It is desirable for the registrar to inform the parents of the interest attached to the attribution multiple first names for the child and the disadvantages of assigning first names that would create risks of homonymy in the family, and the sometimes unfortunate results of merging certain first names and the surname.

Using multiple first names is fine, but how many exactly? Well, there is no limit, according to Article 57 of the Civil Code! If you want your baby to have 79 names, that’s theoretically entirely possible. However, to encourage parents to have a modicum of common sense, thegovernment registrar may refuse to add too much to the birth certificate as it may be felt to be against the child’s interests. As well as first names, which are rejected by civil status because they are too strange.

As a reminder, Article 57 of the Civil Code also provides that an adult person can choose to use their first name or any surname present on their birth certificate: “Any first name recorded on the birth certificate that can be chosen as a common first name.“On the other hand, if a child has too many first names, they can’t all appear his identity card. On the website of the National Agency for Secured Documents it is possible to give five first names when requesting an identity document, nothing more.

What does the middle name stand for?

If the fact ofhave multiple first names generally allows a homage to relatives of young parents (grandparents, uncles and aunts of the baby, his godmother or godmother…), there is a more practical explanation behind the middle name: distinguish homonyms. Yes, it is very convenient when several people have both the same first name and last name. This avoids confusion in the civil register, but also in all administrations (social security, café, taxes …), or simply in case of trouble with the judiciary. For example, there are thousands of Jean Martins in France. The latter are therefore very happy to be able to differentiate themselves thanks to a middle or third name.

Now that you have all the information, all you have to do is make a choice. Need a little help? Look for inspiration among Netflix-inspired first names, vintage first names, or even the most original first names of the moment!

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