How do you know if the baby is cold?

If it’s not easy to determine if the baby is appropriately dressed for the season and temperature, it’s important to learn to recognize the signs that the baby is uncomfortable, too cold, or too hot. Our tips.

Touch the neck rather than the hands or feet

Although a baby’s extremities (hands and feet) are an indicator of a toddler’s body temperature, they can be slightly cold without indicating that the baby is cold. Especially at night our body temperature is slightly lower and the extremities can be cold from the air while the rest of the body is warm.

The best indicator is the temperature and humidity of the baby’s neck: If the neck is warm, it’s perfect. if it is her damp, damp, this is a sign that the baby is too hot. After all, when it’s cold, the baby is cold. It’s better than him add an extra layerfor example a small blanket, a pair of socks or a warmer sleeping bag.

In addition to the neck, the stomach and thighs are good indicators for assessing an infant’s temperature. Because when it’s warm, these parts of the body get warm without sweating.

Signs that the baby is too hot or too cold

A wet, clammy neck is a sign that the baby is too hot. In this case it can also be Red cheeks, Forehead, thighs and abdomen hot.

Conversely, cold extremities, a cold stomach, a pale complexion or even bluish lips should draw attention : Baby is cold, it is important to cover him more. The coloring of the cheeks, hands, and feet is usually fairly reliable, especially in a fair-skinned child.

Other signs may indicate that the baby is too hot or too cold: profuse crying, drowsiness, apathy or, on the contrary, great nervousness…

When in doubt, the best thing to do is take your temperature, because it’s better to take it “for free” than to miss something, especially a fever or hypothermia.

What is the ideal temperature in the children’s room?

We recommend both summer and winter a temperature of 18 to 20°C in the children’s room. An overheated room would increase the risk of cot death while babies have a harder time maintaining their body temperature in a colder room.

Let’s assume that a temperature around 18-20°C is considered ideal for a good sleep for the baby. The most important thing is tooDress baby for temperature. In itself, a room temperature below 18°C ​​​​or above 20°C is not necessarily harmful if baby clothing is planned accordingly.

What clothes should the baby wear at night according to the temperature?

Before the age of 2-3, babies still have trouble regulating their body temperature, hence some differences that may seem impressive.

To find out how to dress the baby at night, there are indicator tables of what clothes to wear depending on the temperature of the room the TOG of his sleeping bag. Some brands even supply this table with their sleeping bags. This TOG index (Thermal Overall Grade) indicates the heat capacity of a garmentfor baby sleeping bags it is usually between 0.5 and even 4, with 1 standing for a light sleeping bag for the summer and 4 for a padded winter sleeping bag.

For example, in a room between 18 and 20°C, you can put a TOG 2 sleeping bag inside and dress the baby in a romper and pajamas, or use a TOG 3 sleeping bag and then take off a diaper with baby clothes.

Note that these recommendations are given onlyfor informationBecause not all babies react the same way, some have more trouble regulating their temperature than others. Some babies also have a naturally low body temperature. The latter is then not too hot and thicker than generally recommended, depending on the room temperature. It is therefore better to monitor the baby’s neck at the same time.

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