How do I dress my baby at night? By room temperature?

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In winter or summer, how to dress the baby at night depending on the temperature? Sleeping bag, romper, pajamas, sleeping rules… Here are the points to keep in mind to encourage baby’s sleep.

What is the ideal temperature for the baby’s room at night?

On the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) website, the recommendations for sleeping babies indicate that the room temperature must be between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. So the baby is neither too hot nor too cold and can sleep well. Of course, the room temperature can vary depending on the outside temperature. In winter, this temperature range can be maintained by increasing the heating. But when good weather returns, especially during a heatwave, for example, maintaining that ideal temperature can be difficult. In this case, it is possible to leave the shutters closed during the day and air the room in the evening when the temperature is cooler to cool it down.

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Several signs can indicate that your baby is too hot. Therefore, “You can touch his neck and forehead and see if they are sweaty. His hair can also be damp if he gets too hot. He has flushed cheeks and his breathing may be faster. Then it should be discovered“, advises Dr. Véronique Desvignes, pediatrician and member of the French Association of Ambulatory Paediatrics (Afpa). On the contrary, if he is cold, his neck, feet and hands will also be cold. His extremities can also take on a less pink hue and a little blue, so it’s better to cover it more to prevent it from getting sick.

For sleeping, it is strongly discouraged to use a duvet or blanket for your baby. Sleeping bags or sleeping bags replace them to ensure their safety. Like other textiles, they have a thermal insulation rating called TOG. This provides information about the heat dissipation of the sleeping bag. The higher the index, the warmer the sleeping bag keeps the baby.

In general, the TOG index for sleeping bags ranges from 0 to 4.

  • From 2.5 TOG the sleeping bag is considered warm. Recommendations vary slightly from one brand to another;
  • In general, sleeping bags with a TOG of 0.5 or 1 are indicated when the temperature in the room varies between 21 and 26 °C;
  • Sleeping bags with a TOG of 2 or 2.5 are suitable in a 17-20°C room;
  • Sleeping bags with a higher TOG at a room temperature of 16° or less.

The seller can tell you the TOG of the sleeping bag and if it was an online purchase you can find this in the product description. Remember that relying on the thickness of the sleeping bag is not enough to judge the warmth it offers to the baby.

Rompers with or without sleeves, pyjamas… How to dress your baby to sleep at night?

The way your baby is dressed also contributes to raising or lowering their body temperature. In addition to the room temperature and the TOG index of the sleeping bag, it is therefore important to carefully choose the clothes that the baby wears to sleep at night. “Before the age of 1, a baby will have trouble regulating their temperature and overdressing can be dangerous. It’s not good that it’s too hot“, explains Dr. Véronique Desvignes. “But he mustn’t catch a cold either“To give parents a simple piece of advice, early childhood professionals often advise giving your child more thickness than yourself. But all of these recommendations need to be adjusted to the feelings of parents who know their baby well.

Tips for dressing baby at night when it’s cold

In colder times, baby can have a properly sized undershirt or bodysuit, pajamas with a sleeping bag, or oversized pajamas. The sleeping bag must not come in front of him‘ the pediatrician recalls.

Tips for dressing baby at night when it’s hot

When it’s hot, the baby can sleep with a very simple bodysuit or sometimes even just a diaper.

Here are some pointers taking into account the temperature of the room where the child sleeps, the TOG index of their sleeping bag and the clothes they can wear. There are sleeping bags with intermediate TOG, in this case it is enough to modulate the clothes a little more.

In addition to the baby’s clothes and the room temperature, some precautions should be taken to make the toddler fall asleep in good conditions. Sleeping on your back has been recommended since the 1990s to minimize the risk of unexpected infant death syndrome (IMD). “He can breathe less on his stomach. He inhales the carbon dioxide that he exhales and that settles between the mattress and his shoulder“, adds Dr. desvignes

In order for the baby to sleep well and safely at night, the health authorities make various recommendations. Under :

  • A moderate ambient temperature of 18-20°C in the baby’s bedroom;
  • A cot with a firm mattress, adjusted to the right dimensions of the bed;
  • No pillows, blankets, nursing pillows, baby wedges, nests, etc. in the crib;
  • No stuffed animal or comforter on his bed, much less near his head or face to keep him from burying his nose in it;
  • A sleeping bag adapted to its size;
  • Ideally, the baby sleeps in the parents’ room for the first six months of life;
  • No sharing of parent’s bed to limit the risk of suffocation or falls.

Soft mattresses, bed sets with bars, fabric cradles, mattresses with shape memory are to be avoided. Extra mattresses placed in travel cots to make the bed more comfortable are not helpful and can even be dangerous“, adds the pediatrician. Thanks to these different points, the baby should be in good condition for sleeping.

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