how can you enforce a different family model?

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How do you start a successful blended family?

Blended families are undeniably part of our society. And yet it wasn’t perceived as such a few years ago: “Before that we didn’t really understand how it works. We believed that just loving each other is enough for everything to go well.” tell us Nicole Prieur, essayist and therapist.

How to achieve a beautiful harmonization of the two families? Well, we need to delve into the brains of our children: “The new partner is a rival for the biological parent. There are conflicts of loyalty that get kids into big trouble.”. Especially when it was after the breakup “an idyllic time when the child had the parents all to itself”. Loss of exclusivity in attachment to parent, discomfort with new partner… It is indeed the child who imposes his rhythm: “Do not demand immediate seizure! It will take time to get used to.”.

Among the inevitable ones there is this phrase: “You are not my mother” From where “my father”. But the meaning may be deeper than it seems: “It’s almost a reminder to him that he must be loyal to his birth parents.” especially in the case of a painful separation for one of the partners. There are other things to do as well Avoid rejection behavior : “On the symbolic level there are very simple things: keeping the child’s presence even when it is not there. You must keep a space that no one touches. For a child, this physical space is the projection of what it is..

It is estimated that in France 1 in 10 children is part of a blended family.

7 suggestions for candidates for single-parent families

It was a few days ago 7 single parent support proposals have been sent to candidates for the 2022 presidential election. These suggestions are from Christine Kelly, journalist, former member of the CSA and founder of the K d’urgences association : “I’ve wanted to be the spokesman for these families for 12 years. This isn’t the first time I’ve made suggestions and been on the ground and seen the continuity of those suggestions.”. No feedback from the candidates, but the gist is there: “let it be seen and heard”.

Among these suggestions are Home help : “It’s not easy, but it’s important! 85% of these families are in a situation of divorce, widowhood or separation, it is not a chosen situation. We’re breaking up, we’re visiting friends, we’re on the street, and we’re looking for emergency shelter. When they find them, they’re in unsanitary quarters, in seedy neighborhoods.”. It is a real appeal that Christine Kelly is making so that these families “can be accommodated in decent accommodation”.

In the rest of our podcast, Christine Kelly returns to another of her suggestions: a one-time emergency financial aid. She, too, looks back on her struggle for the Child support is deducted directly from the salary of the parent who has to pay it. The law was passed earlier this year.

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