Hospital rooms redesigned to make caring for children easier

Themed rooms with frescoed walls to get away from the thoughts. Since last year, thanks to financial donations from various associations, the five rooms of the pediatric day service of the François Quesnay Hospital have been gradually transformed to make the children feel at home. On March 3rd, the Mantaise Association Club 41 presented the hospital with a check for 2,541 euros for the renovation of the last jungle animal-themed room. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, addressing them would also make the work of the caregivers easier.

“What makes caring for a child so difficult is their fear and that of their parents,” explains Béatrice Pellegrino, pediatrician and head of the pediatric department at the Mantais hospital. As soon [l’enfant] Pushing open the bedroom door, when it’s a universe that seems hostile to him, things get complicated. Conversely, if he goes into games from the start you can make him go into dreams [lui font oublier] the treatment is partially won […]. Part of the child’s pain is related to their fear of being comfortable, in a beautiful place, a pleasant and fun place [facilite le travail] also supervisor. »

Béatrice Pellegrino is already imagining how caregivers will stimulate children through play by showing them the future jungle animals depicted on the walls. These explanations and the visit to the empty rooms did not leave the members of Club 41 indifferent: “We help different people, but we actually have a preference for children,” reveals Philippe Lhermann, Managing Director of the association.

The association Mantaise Club 41 presented the François Quesnay Hospital with a check for 2,541 euros for the renovation of the last of the five rooms in the pediatric day clinic.

Around 1,000 children visit the pediatric day clinic service every year. They come there for outpatient surgeries or to treat chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes or sickle cell anemia, to name a few. Hospitalizations are common for chronic diseases. Béatrice Pellegrino is therefore convinced that the children are less afraid of returning because they are received in pleasant spaces. She even readily admits that some people have taken to requesting specific rooms to which they belong whenever possible.

“There are some who have their own little habits and their bedroom is like home, it’s really their bedroom,” she admits, before adding, “Although we also have the opportunity for children who have never left their.” room, choose which room they are better in is also an improvement in the working conditions for the health teams. It is much nicer to be able to offer a personal welcome.”

“To be able to create a space in which the children find themselves in completely different conditions than we can experience when we enter a hospital, that was a matter close to our hearts,” concludes Philippe Lhermann. The money donated by the association was collected from Club 41 sales at the last edition of the Onion Fair in Mantes-la-Jolie, held on November 20th.

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