his heroes, Paul McCartney, his family… The singer returns with “Higher”.

Michael Bublé, the singer with 75 million album sales, just released Higher, this is his ninth album. As usual, the Canadian crooner mixes unreleased tracks and covers of standards. RTL met the star exclusively in London. A singer, always so kind and generous. At 46, he opened up a little more to pop. Higher was born thanks to a sacred figure, the captain tom moorethis 99-year-old England veteran who raised more than £30million for Britain’s health system in April 2020 by walking with his walker.

“I try to teach my kids what a hero is, what a hero does,” says Michael Bublé. And meI think he was a hero. So I made him a song. I found out his favorite song was an old war song, I made a version and sent it to him. His daughter filmed him and sent me the video, it was very moving. A few months later he died. I was asked if there was anything I could do for his funeral. I asked, ‘What would he have liked?’. I was answered smile. I never recorded it. I said OK, and that’s the beginning of this album, based on hope and empathy.”

Bublé has surrounded himself with a new team. After months of taking care of everything his son NoahSuffering from cancer in 2016, the singer wanted to make a positive record, hence the title ‘Higher“(“higher” in French). “It’s just a marketing thing…really!” the singer confides. The album was called Eight Months Smile. Yesdorais Higher especially since the song was co-written by my son Noah. We took a bath full of shampoo. And he throws me, ‘Dad, I wrote a song!’ to. He showed me a few sentences. We revised that with my staff. And it became the pre-chorus, a wonderful thing! My son took notes! He had a great idea and now he’s super rich!”

“Thank you God, he has fully recovered from his cancer today, he adds. Everyone is doing well and we are super excited because we are having another child, our fourth.”

On his new album, Michael Bublé also covers a Paul McCartney song: the jazzy my valentine released in 2012. “He’s the most prolific songwriter in music history… There’s Mozart, Beethoven and then McCartney… I made a little demo, I sent him over and when he called I asked him if he could help me.” to take it to another level… And he did exactly what I dreamed of. I didn’t ask Paul McCartney to produce this cover for what he has done before, but for what Paul McCartney is capable of. He did it ! I’m very grateful and I hope he’s proud of what we’ve done…”

A smuggler

Michael Bublé is a mediator in his own way, bringing the classics to life and bringing them back to life. “Tony Bennett once told me, ‘a thief steals one person, but when a thief steals everyone, it’s called research.’ I am inspired and moved by all forms of music. When I have a vision for a song, it comes from the fact that I’ve downloaded and processed hundreds of songs, for example for my cover of Make you feel My Love, my producer told me, ‘I love that Bob Dylan song.’ I said, ‘Didn’t you hear the cover from Adele and the six million people who covered it afterwards?’ And my producer replied that “Bublé hasn’t sung it yet”. I started listening to very ’60s soul strings, a bit like the Lenny Kravitz song Ain’t over until it’s over. And a new version was born.

with HigherMichael Bublé celebrates twenty years of career, a career that he owes in part to one person: his grandfather. “He was my hero and my best friend. He and my family believed in me. I was 15 when I said I wanted to be a singer, jazz clubs, nightclubs, bars. He was a plumber and He offered his services for free to anyone who wanted to get me on stage, he recalls. He dragged me to singing lessons and to all kinds of competitions. When I started, I didn’t even have my driver’s license.”

Higher, the new album by Michael Bublé has just been released. The singer promised us that his tour would be in Paris in the coming months…

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