His cousin “steals” his baby’s name, the whole family is mad at him

An expectant mother pregnant with her first child says she chose her baby’s name years ago, she explains on Reddit. She is currently expecting a baby girl, and she and her partner have decided to use it: “I’ve known for years what I want to name my child. The first name has sentimental meaning to me, and my husband and I chose the second together. When we were outside talking together, we said our firstborn would be named by that name. He’s mixed race, so it didn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl.. And everyone around them knew it… But his cousin decided to use it anyway!

The cousin uses the first name

“As soon as we found out I was pregnant, we started calling the baby by her first name. Since we’ve had this name in our heads for years, our whole family knows it and knows its meaning. We started decorating his room with small objects personalized with first names or initials. It was clear that it would be our child’s first name.”says this mother-to-be.

Also, she was very surprised to learn that her cousin had chosen the same! “My cousin’s wife gave birth two weeks ago. You’ve refused to name names throughout the pregnancy, which is fine. Except that they ended up naming their baby almost exactly like my husband did, and I went with it. It is exactly the same first name and the middle name is almost identical. It’s as if our baby’s first name was Mary Elizabeth and they decided to name their baby Mary Eliza.she testifies.

The whole family is mad at the cousin

“I was pretty upset when I found out because I’m sure they knew what we were going to name our kid and it’s weird to do the same. I know we don’t own the land. First name so we can’t stop them from using it but it’s still awkward”, explains the pregnant woman. With her husband, they decided not to make a scandal and show a mature reaction by passing. But that’s not the reaction of her loved ones: “The rest of the family is pretty angry. Apparently many of them (including my cousin’s mother) contacted them and told my cousin and his wife that they had done something really wrong and needed to think about changing their baby’s name. They also got in touch. I want to say that they thought it was awful and that they know how important this name is to me. I absolutely didn’t ask them to, but I won’t pretend I’m not happy that they’re “on our side”.

Apparently his cousin on the other side doesn’t appreciate the referrals. “[Il] called me and told me to call all family members and tell them to stop pushing him to change the name and that’s fine with me because they are ruining their first few moments with their newborn. I have no intention of doing it because I didn’t ask her to talk to him and I have a problem with that. I find it odd that he and his wife did this and I don’t want to defend him.” says the mother-to-be and asks if she’s wrong.

For some netizens, the cousin is to blame and it’s up to him to talk to family. “Obviously your cousin kept the name a secret because he knew there was going to be trouble, but he did it anyway.”, explains one person, summarizing the thoughts of a good part of the forum members. However, others advise the expectant mother to calm things down: “These children will become first cousins. Tell everyone to calm down and let go.”says a Redditor. “Is okay. It’s certainly not worth it for the whole family to call and harass a couple trying to find out about their baby.”adds another.

A little later, the pregnant woman replied that she had spoken to her cousin again and explained to him that she had not asked the family to call her and that she would not call them, encouraging them but not stopping them either. And she also hinted that she will continue to call her child as planned: “We won’t change the names, there’s no question about that. And frankly, I don’t expect them to change their kids’ names either. I’m upset but I’m trying to stay up. But I don’t think it’s up to me to defend my cousin. He did it, it’s up to him.”

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