Hiking family stay in Figeac and in the Célé valley

A sightseeing route specially designed for families can be downloaded from the Lot and Randos Circuits app. In Figeac we follow in the footsteps of Jean-François Champollion, the child of the country who was the first to decipher the hieroglyphs, just two centuries ago.

A square and a museum of world writings bear the name of the famous Egyptologist. Figeac is also its medieval historic center which houses the restored homes of wealthy merchants who traded with the main ports of the Mediterranean.

“As we stroll through the Keys, we stop at a small communal bar, L’Arrosoir, which is nestled at the foot of a private 18th-century mansion”explains Pierre Kovacic, Director of the Tourist Office of Grand Figeac – Lot and Célé Valley.

Hotel Le Viguier du Roy, in Figeac (@CAUMIQUE - CAMILLE CHRETIEN)

In Figeac you can also walk the lesser-known southern slope on the Rue de Crussol and Rue de Saint-Thomas side.

“This neighborhood is full of small streets with an Italian atmosphere and small secret gardens that are easy to get lost in.”

In the heart of the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park (designated a Global Geopark by UNESCO), explore the Célé Valley, named after the wild river. This natural area is characterized by its exceptional fauna and flora, which have earned it the Natura 2000 classification.

“The small river Célé flows, its name comes from rapidity, that is to say a little fast, there are still dams and passes that tame it.”

From Figeac, you can reach Tour-de-Faure in 4 days and 3 nights: 27 km by electric bike, 34 km on foot and 12 km by canoe. On the side of the village of Brengues we observe the raven soaring like a bird of prey while grinding.

In Marcilhac-sur-Célé we visit the imposing Abbey of St. Pierre; At the Cuzals Ecomuseum, you can discover rural life in the Quercy countryside in the 19th century and see (for real!) the Causses du Lot sheep on the surrounding dry grasslands, recognizable by their dark glasses!

Marcilhac-sur-Célé in the Célé Valley (LOT TOURISME - C. SEGUY)

Also typical are the cave dwellings clinging to the cliffs of Vieux Sauliac and the dry stone shepherds’ huts of Saint-Sulpice.

“Throughout the valley we admire small ocher cliffs, and since the valley is relatively narrow, we really move in another universe, when you go down by canoe, you suddenly meet a Martinsünder.”

Troglodyte house in old Sauliac (ASQUIER CECILE / LOT TOURISME)

From Orniac, go down the river Célé to the port of Bouziès, where the otters also show their noses. Then we make a stop at Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. This cliff-top town is a medieval masterpiece and ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.

The “Saponaire” stay (named after a plant with pink flowers that contains a substance that foams like soap) costs from 190 euros per person. Half-board accommodation in guest rooms or stopover huts along the route.


Saponaire stay: 4/3 nights, from 9 years.

Cahors Lot Valley Tourist Office: 05 65 53 20 65


Tourist Office of Grand Figeac: 05 65 34 06 25


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