Here’s what’s become of his children, Natacha and Paul, that no one talks about

Serge Gainsbourg’s reputation with women is second to none. However, we do not know anything about his two eldest. Who are Paul and Natacha?

Serge Gainsbourg, more mysterious than ever!

These pictures by Serge Gainsbourg went around the world. Indeed often seen in programs paying tribute to this artist, objection thinks such abbreviations are wrong. Sure, the man liked to provoke. However, deep down in his soul, he tries to hide his hypersensitivity. Suddenly he drowns his demons by running concoctions of dangerous substances like nicotine or alcohol. Yes, just like his attitude toward Whitney Houston, it’s embarrassing. Behind the scenes, this poet would have done anything to provide for the needs of his small family. By the way, did you know that he had a total of four children, not two? Here we go, we explain the pros and cons of this shovel!

This marriage of Serge Gainsbourg turned into drama

Born in the ’60s, more or less a decade before Charlotte, Serge Gainsbourg could have stopped there. Content to have a boy (Paul) and a girl (Natacha), the lost young composer is in a relationship with Françoise-Antoinette Pancrazzi. The one who inherited her industrial father’s fortune wants to be nicknamed Béatrice. As soon as the stork announces his arrival, the lovebirds decide to get married. Everything goes wrong very quickly. She can’t control herself and will send him through hell. According to the singer, she ” not even innocent little girls like France Gall accepted this profession of meeting. » This harrowing anedocte has the merit of being clear and distinct. “When I got back from City Hall, I got a call from a little fanatic. I had done nothing wrong! She gets angry and I feel like I’m handcuffed… »

However, Serge Gainsbourg should have heeded this warning before asking her to become his wife. In the middle of the shooting The stranger from Hong Kong he hallucinates when his sweetheart arrives… with every intention of beating Dalida! Unfortunately, since he is counting on the arrival of the two miracles to calm the situation, he will gradually distance himself. To protect himself from Béatrice’s black rage, he rejects his responsibility as a father. It’s a shame to do that to the little ones…

Even Jane Birkin almost (never) met them!

A year after the birth of his second, Serge Gainsbourg begins filming the film Slogan. And there in the heads of the fans it tilts. And yes, it was around this time that his paths crossed with Jane Birkin. She has everything he ever dreamed of. Clumsy when it comes to showing his feelings, he uses irony to seduce her. After taking his teasing at face value, she manages to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Despite their age difference, he very quickly agrees to taste the joys of family life (again). Charlotte is the princess he no longer expected. objection remembers bursting into tears when she receives the César for Revelation of the Year. What a beautiful bond! But then why do we feel there is some rivalry or taboo to approaching the greats?

Although Serge Gainsbourg never concealed the existence of the elders, he always avoided the meeting. It’s just never the right time. In the columns of Paris matchthat Sixties ex fan remember and trust. “I tried to get her to come but it didn’t work. Her mother demanded that Serge pay them a fortune to see her. The divorce forced his presence. »If you expect to find traces of Natacha and Paul on the web, Objeko wishes you the best of luck.

And now ?

Marked by the conflicts between their parents, they clearly prefer shadow to light. Moreover, even after the death of this holy monster, it was never possible to have any connections with Yvan Attal’s wife or with the youngest Lucien. In case you’re wondering, that’s him in the photo. The only information leaked in the press is that Paul loves old cars. That’s good, his illustrious father Serge Gainsbourg would have left him one before he died. The loop is complete and it’s probably for the better!

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