her brother Orlando talks about her secret pregnancy and abortion

Dalida was born on January 17, 1933 and died 54 years later on May 3, 1987. She was a major artist, a unique personality who was adored by the public. Especially as a singer, but also as an actress, Dalida knew how to shine like no other. Even today, audiences can hum along to many of his tracks. But now she suffered from depression and so much to tell you that this type of pathology was not necessarily taken seriously at the time. Orlando’s big sister finally decided to end her life. It was devastating for the star’s fans and relatives to learn of his death.

Her little brother and producer Orlando was very close to her. Even today he is one of the guarantors of Dalida’s legacy and memory. And that April 12th, he was invited to speak about her on the set of C to youon France 5. objecto tells you everything!

Dalida took with her heavy secrets

Apparently, Dalida took secrets with her when she disappeared. But undoubtedly secrets his brother Orlando knew. So, as the anniversary of her death approached, he was ready to evoke his sister’s memory on television. Our colleagues from the magazine remind us of this Closer, on May 3rd, 2022 it will be 35 years since Dalida left us. On the set of C to you, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and their teams are therefore particularly moved. But they’re also determined to get information from Orlando.

When mysteries are revealed, other mysteries remain intact. Some things that Dalida confided in her brother and producer are therefore still real mysteries. For such was the will of the star. But for others, as a result, she gave her brother permission to speak about them as soon as she was gone to hear them. As he said on set at the time C to youIt was important to Orlando to respect his older sister’s will. So when he mentions his unwanted pregnancy and abortion, objecto don’t deny yourself that it’s because this story went wrong…

An unexpected pregnancy, a miscarriage

The journalists from C to you Ask Orlando about the song « He had just turned 18”. According to them, the lyrics to Dalida’s song revealed a lot more about her private life than she was willing to admit. On this point, Orlando is formal, it was pure coincidence. But still a happy coincidence, because there are actually several real elements of his life that can be found in this title.

“When she sang this song, everyone thought it was because of her love for the young man, it was pure coincidence. You know, there were only two people who knew about this story: me and my cousin Rosie. My mother didn’t know, my brother didn’t know. She hasn’t told anyone she’s pregnant. Even the young man never found out. Maybe he found out later when the book came out. But I’ll tell you: he never knew that Dalida was expecting a child. »said Orlando at the time.

“She had made the decision that our mother shouldn’t know about it. So any song that makes you think of it is pure bliss. The songwriters couldn’t know. But sometimes chance makes things good. As she left, she whispered to me the things I could reveal and the things I wasn’t allowed to say. These were his last wishes. And back when I was writing the book, I had to talk about it because her abortion went very badly. She could never be a mother. I had to write it in the book, but nobody knew beforehand. »added Dalida’s little brother.

As a matter of fact, objecto As I told you above, this abortion went badly. It was a different time, different customs. By having the abortion, Dalida knew at the time that she was taking huge risks to her health. And when she thought all had gone well, she found that her abortion had rendered her permanently infertile. On the pages of his book, Orlando conjures up the suffering of his sister because she never became a mother.

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