Her baby is unresponsive, worried parents rush to the Pithiviers emergency room… who send her back to Orléans

“I have sent a letter to Pithiviers Hospital management to explain what we have experienced.

Referred to Pithiviers ER

A resident of Ascoux contacted The rep to share his experience on Thursday, March 31st.

The man is the father of three children, including a two and a half month old baby. “During the night from Thursday to Friday, around 1 a.m., we noticed that our baby was behaving unusually, he no longer reacted to stimuli, did not wake up anymore. He didn’t shake hands. My wife sensed something was wrong. She woke me up,” says the family man, who called when he was 15.

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It’s 1:15 am.

The doctor I spoke to told me to go to the emergency room in Pithiviers. So we took our car to go there.”

“Nobody Took My Son’s Constants”

About ten minutes later, the family arrives at the hospital.

“At the reception when we were being taken care of, We were told that there is no pediatrician or staff to look after our child. and that it would be best to take him to Fontainebleau, Orléans or Montargis,” the father continues.

“We didn’t see a doctor. No one took my son’s constants on the spot. “

Three days later, the Ascoux resident is still shocked by what he witnessed.
“When we panicked, we were simply told to get back in the car and drive with my wife for forty minutes,” he summarizes.

Work in nursing homes, computerized patient file…: update on the “construction sites” of the Pithiviers hospital

The father listened to the instructions of the hospital staff and then took his car towards Orléans to reach the regional hospital center.

“My wife was in the back with the baby. But five to ten minutes after we left Pithiviers, she noticed that the baby was unresponsive. So we called 18. A fire truck was dispatched. He arrived about ten minutes later,” continues the Ascoux resident, who was with his family at the Escrennes roundabout at the time.

“I thought I was going to lose my child.”

The baby is brought into the truck. “The firefighters took his constants. They gave him an injection to check his blood sugar. Gradually, he began to wake up and change his behavior.”

Due to a lack of doctors, the pediatric service at the Orléans Hospital is suspending its follow-up visits

Eventually it was decided to send him to La Source for CHRO. As of this Monday morning, the baby was still in the hospital, having undergone several check-ups over the past few days.

The father of the family wants to say what he experienced today, because “I don’t understand how we could have gotten into such trouble with our baby. When I put my arms around him, he didn’t react. No, I thought.” I lost my child. Can you imagine, we called for the first time on the 15th at 1:15 am on Thursday night. We were attended to by the fire brigade at Escrennes roundabout around 2am. My son arrived in Orléans around 3 a.m..” “Should we have been referred directly to Orléans?” the father asks today.

“Lack of attractiveness”, “decay”: the final diagnosis of the Regional Chamber of Accounts on the Pithiviers hospital

Support questions

This story certainly raises the question of Pithiverais-scale pediatric emergencies more generally. Can a child under the age of two be treated in the emergency room at Pithiviers Hospital? Or should his parents go straight to another Loiret hospital or a neighboring department: Essonne, Seine-et-Marne? In this case, why did the 15 refer these parents to the Pithiviers ER?

Contacted this Monday morning, the management of the CHRO has not yet answered our questions.

Aurélie Richard

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