He buys a house and offers it to a Ukrainian family | war in Ukraine

Irina and her family will benefit from this act of absolute kindness. Irina, mother of a family separated by the war, is currently in Poland taking steps to obtain her visa. Like thousands of her compatriots, she is attempting to emigrate to Canada with three of her four children, two boys aged 4 and 5 and an 11-year-old girl.

Her eldest son and her husband are still in Ukraine. You must take up arms to defend the motherland against Russian invasion.

Magnificent view of Mont Sainte-Anne

Small consolation in the face of this tragedy: if all goes well, Irina and her children will soon be enjoying a 1950s two-storey cottage with a magnificent view of Mont Sainte-Anne, made available by a good Samaritan who wishes it Anonymity.

Charmed by the generosity of the mysterious buyer to whom they sold the home, real estate agents Chantal Lachance and Caroline Prémont decided to get involved in the project personally. Caroline’s mother Monique, for example, paints the house until Irina’s family arrives.

Good Samaritans are busy painting the house.

Good Samaritans are busy painting the house.

Photo: Radio Canada / Mireille Roberge

Post seen by 25,000 people

In an effort to furnish the cottage, the real estate agents have therefore recently launched an appeal to everyone on social networks. Since then, they’ve been inundated with offers from Quebecers wanting to set up and help in any way they can.

It all started last Thursday and from that day, and into the next morning, there was a flood of generosity. There are over 25,000 people who have seen our postChantal Lachance testified to the show’s columnist Mireille Roberge First hour.

We just wanted to contact organizations that help Ukrainian families, people who might want to donate furniture and all that.She adds.

« And then the tsunami came and we had to deal with all these fine gestures. It was really a nice surprise. »

A quote from Chantal Lachance, real estate agent
A blond woman in front of a house

Chantal Lachance decided to get involved in the project after selling the house to the Good Samaritan.

Photo: Radio Canada / Mireille Roberge

The beautiful stories of the Côte-de-Beaupré

The story of the real estate agents and the mysterious donor is not unique. Five families are expected shortly on the Côte-de-Beaupré.

Paramedic Patrick Voyer owns a chalet in this area. Touched by the Ukrainian misery, he decided to lend it to an extended family trying to get to Canada. In a way, he became the link between all these refugees and the generous donors of the Côte-de-Beaupré.

Hébergeons les Ukrainiens. Du jour au lendemain, je me suis ramassé avec trois familles que je pouvais aider directement”,”text”:”J’ai trouvé un site fondé par des avocats qui s’appelle Hébergeons les Ukrainiens. Du jour au lendemain, je me suis ramassé avec trois familles que je pouvais aider directement”}}”>I found a website founded by lawyers by the name Let’s take the Ukrainians. Overnight I picked myself up from three families whom I could help directlyhe tells Mireille Roberge.

floors in the house

The family will be able to enjoy a beautiful modern house at the foot of Mont Sainte-Anne.

Photo: Radio Canada / Mireille Roberge

The sad fate of Elena and birth in the basement

Elena and her 2 children, 9-year-old twin siblings, and Elena’s sister, mother of a 4-year-old child, are therefore housed on the emergency doctor’s property.

: tu ne peux pas partir. Là, il faut que tu défendes ton pays. Il a réussi à négocier et, finalement, sa job est de fouiller les décombres pour espérer trouver des survivants”,”text”:”Le mari [d’Elena] est un bureaucrate. Du jour au lendemain, ils lui ont donné un fusil et lui ont dit: tu ne peux pas partir. Là, il faut que tu défendes ton pays. Il a réussi à négocier et, finalement, sa job est de fouiller les décombres pour espérer trouver des survivants”}}”>The husband [d’Elena] is bureaucrat. Overnight they gave him a gun and told him: You can’t go. There you have to defend your country. He managed to negotiate and in the end it’s his job to search the rubble to hopefully find survivors.explains Mr. Voyer, touched by her story.

« Elena witnessed the 2014 war. He comes from the small neighboring village, right next to the train station [bombardée ces derniers jours]. Elena no longer has a home. These are people who have lost everything. »

A quote from Patrick Voyer, paramedic who rents out his chalet to two Ukrainian families

These are terrible stories. Another family is coming, it’s a young couple, the daughter is 20 years old, she gave birth on March 6 in a basement, to the sound of bombs and sirens, and that’s where she managed to escape. Her husband before she goes out [de l’Ukraine]managed to evacuate 3,000 Ukrainiansstresses Mr. Voyer about this young family that will move to Château-Richer with another generous donor who will lend a house.

A Facebook page behind these projects

All these actions probably would not have been possible without the initiative of Luc Bellerose, creator of the Facebook page Welcome Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges.

We felt the enthusiasm very quickly on another site here in Saint-Férreol. It got way too much for this page. So I offered to do another one. It’s amazing how many offers we’ve received on our sitehe explains.

Good Samaritans leave nothing to chance. A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday evening to ensure optimal reception.

Tonight we meet for the first time. We’re all people who have day jobs, but we want to make sure those people are properly supervised, he says. We want to make sure these five houses are well equipped to accommodate them. We want to take care of that too [les réfugiés] be able to keep in touch with their loved ones who stayed there.

The war in Ukraine has been going on for almost 50 days and has already claimed several thousand lives, including civilians, and millions of refugees.

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