Handball / LBE. ‘I went from captain to nothing’, young mother Chloé Bulleux is not being held by her club because of her pregnancy?

It’s a sad story that has rocked Chloé Bulleux in recent months. The young mother of two months, who was born in Annecy and was captain of her club Toulon in the French Premier League, was informed by registered mail that her contract would not be renewed at the end of her maternity leave.

During a home game this Saturday night, the 30-year-old young woman confided in the BEin Sports microphone. pregnant and become a mother

“It’s been 2 months since my son Noé was born, he’s doing very well and so are his parents, although we’re a bit tired,” she began, laughing. After remembering that she was very lucky to have had this child, journalist Thomas Ferro Villechaize asks her if this pregnancy was experienced well by her Toulon club.

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“It’s not athletic or financial, but because I had a kid…”

“Not all employers are happy when an employee becomes pregnant. It didn’t go very well. The people in charge were happy for me… but afterwards I received a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to inform me that my optional year would not be activated for the next season. Nobody called me to tell me that we wouldn’t continue the adventure together. It’s not sporting or financial but because I’ve had a kid…To tell you I can’t even get into my club’s VIP stands where players can usually go…”

If no one at the club has told her that the reason for this non-renewal is related to her pregnancy, L’Annecienne Chloé Bulleux is convinced of it. “I will not take any legal action because it is within your right. The leaders will not say that this optional year was not extended because of my pregnancy. They will say that I’m bad at handball or that I cost too much. I’ve gone from captain to nothing… Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not so nice…” she breathes sadly.

A premature end to your career

With this contract end at Toulon, Chloé Bulleux also seems to want to end her career, while the winger has been captain of Toulon, her club, since 2019 and former France international (26 selections and 45 goals to her credit).

“I’m disappointed because I would have liked to continue playing handball, I really wanted to! And in three months it will be over. I wouldn’t have time to come back and play one last game in Toulon… (…) Yes, handball is over because I settled here, I have my spouse, my baby, my family who are here. I can’t go on a new adventure. I have my loved ones to think about after moving around France quite a bit in my career. It was here or nothing. »

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