Guérande: He rides 10,000 km by bike for sick children

Jérôme has crossed many European countries by bike and in the snow
Jérôme has crossed many European countries by bike and in the snow ©Jérôme Allaire

He lives in Guérande (Loire-Atlantique), his name is Jérôme Allaire but his adventurer nickname is Roberto.

“I was looking for a name for my YouTube channel, I thought that sounds good, Roberto on the bike,” smiles the 30-year-old, who has not yet faced his first sporting challenge.

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We had previously met him in 2020 on a walking and cycling road trip between New Zealand and Europe in aid of Oligocyte, a charity that supports brain tumor research.

€10,000 for the Institut Curie

This time Jérôme Allaire got on his bike in September 2021. The idea: to collect donations for the Institut Curie and research into childhood cancer.

The principle: Post a photo of an Intersport on social networks. The store in Guérande was rich at the time, €100 per photo, it was €100, so €10,000 for research.

This partnership with the brand is no coincidence, Jérôme is a former employee “and the store accompanies me in all my adventures”.

10,000 km in solitaire

The adventurer left Guérande to cover 10,000 km by bike, without assistance and in total autonomy, with the minimum in your panniers and a kilo of Guérande salt to offer during your encounters. “It was about fifty kilos anyway! “.

Videos: currently on Actu

Nothing when it comes to crossing the 34 passes of the Pyrenees and then those of the Alps. After this mountainous eruption, the cyclist raced towards theGermany where he went to Dinkelsbühl, partner of Guérande and Kisslegg, twin of Pouliguen.

“The town twinning had entrusted me with letters and small gifts to give them.”

The messenger then set course for theAustria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey where he spent two months.

Then return Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Italy and France.

With a stop at Paris to present the check for 10,000 euros to the Institut Curie.

Delivery of the check for €10,000 to the Institut Curie in Paris
Delivery of the check for €10,000 to the Institut Curie in Paris ©DR

Galleys and magical moments

This journey of 10,000 km has not been without difficulties since this bivouac under the snow at minus 12 degrees, this dog attack with a nasty bite or the tent pole that breaks in the storm.

They like magic moments too Tea custom in Turkey, unlikely encounters, nights under the stars and wolf howls, incredible landscapes. Jérôme filmed these moments and shared them on his YouTube channel.

Important was the exchange, the connection with the outside world. My biggest fan is my grandpa!

Jerome Allaire

And his return to Guérande on Saturday April 9, 2022 was triumphant. The sports brand had placed the small dishes in the large ones. ” I didn’t expect it ! says Jérôme, who lands on the peninsula to work and fill up his wallet before packing the saddlebags of his bike for new adventures.

A triumphant return to Guérande on Saturday April 9th
A triumphant return to Guérande on Saturday April 9th ​​©DR

This break could also be an opportunity to share his experiences with the youngest “to get them interested in cycling”.

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