Grandmother sentenced to death for murdering mother, she tried to steal her baby

Linda Carty is a 63-year-old woman who staged a horrifying scenario to kidnap her neighbor’s baby. To achieve her goals, she did not hesitate to kill the young mother… An unimaginable story! But the court has decided. The grandmother is currently on death row…

A grandmother killed a mother to steal her baby

Linda Carty is 63 years old and has been incarcerated for twenty years. She is in prison at the Mountain View Unit, a maximum security location in Texas across the Atlantic. The drama takes place in May 2001. The woman, who has now become a grandmother, was arrested for organizing the kidnapping of her pregnant neighbor’s baby named Joana Rodriguez. At that time she was not alone in the construction. In fact, three men had to help him and rip the child out of his mother’s womb. Twenty years later, the grandmother will go to death row to be punished for her crimes. Despite this, Linda Carty maintains that she is innocent. We explain this case from A to Z!

The grandmother does not recognize the alleged facts

« If I were guilty of this crime, I would have accepted my sentence ‘ the prisoner recently explained to Susanna Reid, an American journalist. ” Anyone familiar with the system knows that Texas doesn’t admit when it’s wrong. I will fight to the end. If I lose my life, I know I’ve got people behind me who won’t stop until they clear my name. »

While Linda Carty denies her guilt in this case, other people have no doubts. ” I have no doubt that she is guilty Lynn Hardaway, the former Harris County Assistant District Attorney, said loudly. ” All the evidence seems to point to it. At the time of the murder, Carty had bought duct tape, scissors… but Joana gave birth to their son Ray four days earlier. »

The baby is an orphan but saved

Although the mother gave birth earlier than expected, the grandmother decides to keep kidnapping the baby. The little boy was found in his grandmother’s car the day after the crime. Luckily he is alive and well. The mother was found lifeless, suffocated and placed in the trunk of the grandmother’s vehicle. The jury found Gerald Anderson, Chris Robinson and Carlos Williams guilty of breaking into Joana’s home on May 16, 2001 to steal her baby. During the trial, the three men confessed that Linda Carty was the mastermind behind the case and that the kidnapping was her plan. According to her, the grandmother would have done anything to raise the baby.

Although the evidence is overwhelming, Linda Carty still maintains her innocence and explains that her only mistake was in lending her vehicle to these three men. A few days before her scheduled execution, there is still no DNA evidence linking her directly to the murder of young mother Joana. In the grandmother’s hotel room, on the other hand, there were children’s clothes and a high chair. In fact, this proves that she still had everything planned out to welcome and take care of the baby. In addition, the perpetrator had explained to her companion at the time that she was pregnant … Everything seems to have been neatly organized. But at the time of her arrest, she was not expecting children…

I will always remember her as the crazy granny in Boston Justice. 😢

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