Go ahead, but don’t forget your children, our opinion!

Sonic 2 hits theaters on March 30th! The opportunity, after a press screening, to give you our opinion on the feature film, which we were able to insist on.

Image 1: Sonic 2, the movie: Keep it up, but don't forget your children, our opinion!
Here’s our take on Sonic 2 with no spoilers! – Credit: Outstanding

After the commercial success of the first sound, Paramount didn’t hesitate to launch a sequel. A success all the more impressive given that the blue hedgehog design originally provoked the ire of fans before it was corrected. And in this sequel we take the same ones and start again adding many more elements. Among the successes one cannot mention Knuckles, doubled by Idris Elba. After a press screening, make room for our review sound 2a movie for the youngest!

Effective entertainment for the little ones

Image 2: Sonic 2, the movie: Keep it up, but don't forget your children, our opinion!
Knuckles has class thanks to Idris Elba – Credit: Paramount

no fan service, sound 2 aimed at a young audience. Good news for this film adaptation at a time when these productions are doing everything they can to please fans and keep them satisfied with references galore. The feature film is reserved in its references like the impossibility for the blue hedgehog to swim even in dangerous situations. Because in games, Sega’s mascot has never been very good with water!

By choosing a family approach, sound 2 takes pride of place at breakneck speed. It’s simple, it never ends when the plot focuses on the character! As in the first film, our hero delivers at insane speed and connects the comical situations. The introduction presents him as a superhero apprentice in search of landmarks that he will discover throughout his adventures. With the arrival of Knuckles, the blue hedgehog faces an opponent his size. A powerful Echidna voiced by Idris Elba and his hoarse voice presented as a (very) first degree. Without forgetting Tails, Sonic’s loyal and naïve companion, whose friendliness is surpassed only by genius!

As for the special effects, sound 2 honors his millions of dollars. The action scenes are intertwined with many means to make the youngest dream before these explosive adventures. We keep the order in a maze with many traps and the clashes between Sonic and Knuckles. As in the first film, the blue hedgehog enjoys it neat and cute design (without going kawaii) respects his site” cool “. Tails and Knuckles pick up the main lines of this artistic direction for a rendering that also respects the games.

Stay until the end of the credits…

Image 3: Sonic 2, the movie: Keep it up, but don't forget your children, our opinion!
Tails watches Sonic’s back – Credit: Paramount

When the youngest aren’t pouting their fun, the grown-ups could catch up. The fault of a sometimes extended plot like the wedding sequence caught up with their funny jokes for kids. Ditto for the Dance Battle on Bruno Mars, a polite boredom reserved for a less-adult audience. sound 2 takes on the typical journey of a hero in doom before finally understanding that with great power comes great responsibility. The feature film balances the sauce during a final confrontation rich in special effects. It is also criticized for being too long but the viewers get their money’s worth. And that’s the main thing for a crowd and family blockbuster.

With Sonic 3 being official in addition to a television series, Paramount is taking the opportunity to tease the sequel at the end of retrogaming credits like the first film, with the certainty that fans will be in for a treat. So stay in the post-credits scene! But we won’t tell you anything about it, except to avoid spoilers online the exit from sound 2 March 30, 2022 in cinemas.

sound 2 is an effective entertainment for the little ones. Despite the fact that the plot is sometimes too long, the feature film benefits from all the ingredients of a sequel. More action, more characters or even more missions! Enough to prepare the ground for the third episode.

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