Gérard Depardieu had children with the same actress as Vincent Perez…

Gérard Depardieu is already a father and falls into another woman’s arms

1992 ends a beautiful love story between Gérard Depardieu and Élisabeth Guignot. Together they have two children. The late Guillaume and Julie. They were not officially divorced until 2006. However, you can count on the actress to defend her ex-husband no matter what. When he approached Vladimir Putin in 2013 and asked for Russian citizenship, she was the first to defend him:

« People go crazy because he represents a lot. In fact, he represents France. It’s all the more absurd to hit him like that when it might have been so easy to recover him“. The same applies if he is charged with tax evasion in the same year: If you look at the house he chose in Belgium, he had no intention of living there anyway. Who loves beautiful things so much, even if he can do without them. Do you see him on the side of the road, in a house like that, dark?« .

In 1992 he became a father for the third time

In the year he separated from his ex Elisabeth, Gérard Depardieu became a father again. It’s fast with him. They fall in love with the actress, director, screenwriter and author Karine Silla. In Dakar, Senegal, this woman was only 25 when she gave birth. If that story doesn’t last, she remembers it well, sharing both good and bad memories. However, the latter seem to be more present in his mind since this relationship seemed complicated:

« We met in New York and I followed him to Paris, where I found that he was a little less apart than he claimed (…) Gérard was completely overcome with his feelings. He was torn between his wife and I, who was only 25 years old. (…) It was inhuman for him to leave a woman with whom he had spent thirty years and with whom he had two children.«

« I suffered from things left unsaid. hallway noises. Elisabeth, for whom I feel the greatest tenderness because I can understand her grief, has long given the impression that Roxane is not Gérard’s daughter. (…) I think it was easier for Elisabeth to deny. But it’s been hurting me for a long time« .

Time flies and Karine Sillan meets actor Vincent Perez. Her relationship with him resulted in Iman (1999) and twins Pablo and Tess (2003). And despite what Elisabeth wanted to believe, her eldest daughter, Roxanne, was civilly recognized as the daughter of Gérard Depardieu. What is funny, however, is that Gérard Depardieu’s path crossed that of Vincent Perez more than once. In 1990 they played in the big French hit film Cyrano de Bergerac. In 2004 we find her in the feature film Nouvelle-France. Then they both hand over the film that Karine Silla herself directed: A Butterfly Kiss.

Gérard Depardieu and his friendship with Vladimir Poutine

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the friendship between the actor and the Russian President was not lost. Despite recent events, the actor still supports his friend. Gérard Depardieu does not go back with the Elements review: « Jlove Putin very much. He told me how his father saved his mother from being bombed during the siege of Leningrad“. Since 2013, he has tirelessly defended what many consider a dictator: « He is said to have mercenaries, the Wagner Group (…) There are a multitude of private armies in the United States; there are also some on the Ukrainian side, but some with skulls, SS symbols and a swastika. How can you exhibit that after the Nazi madness?« .

The actor emphasizes that for him Ukraine is “Russian” and that this war is a fratricidal war.

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