French family who died in Switzerland: polytechnic, dentist and survivor…the disturbing profiles of the victims

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The mystery gradually rises around the profiles of the five members of the same family, defenestrated on Thursday, March 24, in Montreux, Switzerland. The father, a former polytechnic student, had broken off contact with his relatives for years. They seemed cut off from society, adherents of survival theories.

One man, two women, two children. This is the paper summary of the profiles of the family members who fell from the 7th floor of their home in Montreux, Switzerland. On closer inspection, however, this family drama, which has so far claimed the lives of four out of five family members – the 15-year-old survived and is said to be in a condition considered “stable” – appears in a very different light.

After the first elements of the investigation, the thesis of collective suicide is indeed privileged. The lack of battle marks, combined with the presence of a small stepladder on the balcony of the apartment where the family lived, as well as the chronology of events, suggest that the five residents, for their part, voluntarily fell from the building. Trigger of the drama: the passage of two gendarmes at dawn in front of the apartment this Thursday, March 24, for a problem with the home schooling of the teenager, to bring an arrest warrant to execution. A few dozen minutes later, tragedy struck.

“Enough to fill two trucks”

According to testimonies collected by various media outlets, the family lived a secluded life as if cut off from the world, believing that the end of the world might be near, as evidenced by the very large quantities of food boxes found at the shelter became. “Enough to fill two trucks,” said a witness. To the point that a banal police pass at the family home can plunge its members into tragedy…

However, nothing in the course of the “adults” of the family hinted at such a fate. The father, identified as Éric David, 40, was a particularly brilliant student throughout his school years, to the point of graduating from the prestigious Polytechnic. According to his professional profile on Linkedin, after completing his studies, he would have worked for several French ministries as an IT specialist.

He had been married to Nasrine Feraoun, 41, a dentist by profession, for almost 15 years. She is none other than the granddaughter of the Algerian writer Mouloud Feraoun, who was close to Albert Camus in his day.

“They brutally cut their ties”

But shortly after their marriage, which roughly coincides with the birth of their son Allan, the only survivor of the tragedy, they “brutally cut ties” with all their relatives “without any explanation,” said the couple’s brother-in-law JDD. While Nasrine Feraoun’s career mentions her establishment as a dentist in Vernon in the Eure in 2008, she would have come to Switzerland with her family in 2014. A date that would roughly correspond to her second pregnancy…

Difficult to say because the couple’s second child, an 8-year-old girl, also dead, was not registered with the authorities and was not going to school. A withdrawn existence that also questions. As is the presence of the third adult of this macabre message: Narjisse Feraoun. She is Nasrine’s twin sister. According to the latest findings of the investigation, she was the only one who worked outside the family home. An ophthalmologist by profession, she has been working part-time at the Clinique de l’œil de Sion in Valais for a few months.

The two sisters grew up in a relatively affluent environment in Paris, notably attending the prestigious Henri IV Grammar School, while the father, Éric David, grew up in the southern neighborhoods of Marseille, the most well-known of the city. How could this family’s trajectory deviate so tragically? The answer to that question will no doubt lie in the interrogation authorities may be able to conduct with Allan, the 15-year-old teenager and sole survivor of the tragedy, if he recovers sufficiently from his injuries…

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