Free child care for Ukrainian children

“In order to better take into account the difficulties and vulnerabilities of families who have fled Ukraine”, the Board of the National Fund for Family Allowances (Cnaf) decided on April 5, 2022 to offer free admission to a crèche for all the Children expelled from Ukraine for 2022. It is the Family Allowance Funds (CAF) that directly bear the cost of their admission through the Unified Service Provision (PSU).

In order to be able to accommodate the children quickly, the crèches must notify the prefect of their department responsible for the reception of displaced persons from Ukraine that they have places available, specifies the CNAF. At the same time, they must contact the associations designated by the prefectures to support these families in order to promote their range of services. Childcare facilities (EAJE) are also invited to advertise their range of services on the Internet platform “I am committed to Ukraine”:

A few days earlier, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, through the General Directorate for Social Cohesion (DGCS), distributed “Recommendations for the reception of children displaced from Ukraine in the reception methods for young children (0-3 years) and parent support activities”. Displaced from the Ukraine have access to all childcare facilities but are not entitled to the CMG Free Choice Allowance, as per this document dated March 31. It is therefore preferable to refer them to facilities funded by the CAF under the PSU the Ministry of Solidarity and Health emphasizes.

Children displaced from Ukraine may be accommodated in vacant regular or casual reception places, in surplus or in emergency places, depending on the needs expressed by the families. The situation of children with special needs and children referred by child protection services must be the subject of “special attention”, stresses the DGCS.

Childcare is an opportunity for children and their parents, welcomes the CNAF. On the one hand, this reception offers the opportunity to:

  • To meet in a framework specially designed for their reception (adapted space, toys, fun activities, socialization with children of their own age), in collaboration with professionals trained to ensure their health, well-being and development ;
  • To encourage their learning of the French language.

This reception will also allow parents to take time to focus in particular on their procedures in France (administration, housing, training/job search), adds the National Family Allowance Fund.

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