Freddy Maso from the ASM Omnisports club in Clermont-Ferrand gives advice on how to introduce children to the sport

Freddy Maso, Director of Performance and Innovation at ASM Omnisports Clermont-Ferrand, recalls the importance of creating desire and communicating the culture of sport.

What are the challenges of sports practice for children?
“They are diverse. It is necessary to know that if it is the brain that organizes the body, it is the body that organizes the brain. Children who are not physically active can have physical and mental learning difficulties. And these last two years with the restrictions and sanitary measures due to Covid have unfortunately prevented our children from exercising regularly. That’s very worrying… The other benefit of playing sports when you’re young is that you stick with the habit throughout your life. It has been shown that a very large majority of children who start physical activity before the age of ten do not let go. Knowing that a sedentary lifestyle with all the pathologies that it entails is one of the scourges of our society, it is imperative that our children engage in regular physical activity. »

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How do you introduce your child to a sports practice? How to help him choose a sport he likes?
“Exactly, ten years ago he wasn’t allowed to practice any particular sport. The ideal is to do multimedia. It is true that the child generally turns to physical activity depending on their environment, for example because their parents play basketball or tennis, or because there is not only one judo or football club in their town. The problem is that in these cases this sport may not fully suit the child. As a result, he will not thrive and may give up… If he tries several sports, he can choose for himself what suits him best. Also, I advise waiting until age 10 to start any single sport. »

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“You have to teach children sports culture, their health depends on it. »

Freddy Maso, Director of Performance and Innovation. Photo ASM Omnisports

For whatever reasons?
“For reasons of “physical education”. The term is a little specific, but it means developing basic motor skills that all children need, like running, throwing, catching and jumping. These different skills can be integrated through various sporting activities. From the age of six children can combine all these motor skills. Then at the age of ten he has a solid base, these are the foundations of the house. Studies also show that kids who have been jacks of all trades suffer fewer injuries, perform better, and stay at the highest level for longer. But be careful, the child should not be forced to compete either. He may also appreciate some off-duty training and may or may not compete later. »

There’s still some real work to do to raise awareness of sports practice, and is it from a young age?
“In France we are really lagging behind compared to other countries where physical activity is not neglected in children’s programmes. Active breaks in schools have recently been introduced, which is a good initiative. Unfortunately, some companies are struggling with the application due to a lack of funds…”

ASM Omnisports offers a multisport area for young people

The multisport section has existed at the ASM for more than 30 years. It provides the essential foundations for the motor development of children before a later specialist practice.
This section of the Clermont Club is made up of four age groups: First Steps from 15 months to 3 years (motor awakening), Baby Multisport from 4 years (sports, gymnastics, water activities, etc.), Multisport Kids from 6 years (8 group and individual activities) and junior multisport from 8 to 11 years (sporting and artistic activities such as circus).
“On Saturdays we even offer activities such as golf or horseback riding,” adds Freddy Maso.
The multisport is also open to parents who can practice the activity alongside their children’s classes.

Spring break internships

During the spring break, the ASM organizes four multisport training sessions for children born between 2009 and 2015 on April 19th and 20th, April 21st and 22nd, April 25th and 26th and April 28th and 29th.
The young participants practice four sports activities over two days and can choose between two formulas: either a themed course (team sports, artistic activities, nature sports, etc.) or with the sports activities of the association (athletics, basketball, boxing, football, gymnastics, judo, wrestling, swimming, rugby, tennis).

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The price per course is €30 for ASM licensees and €35 ​​for non-ASM licensees.
Childcare is available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The courses are open to children with disabilities.
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