“Franck Chauffroy’s crazy fall”, they divorced 6 months after the birth

Marine Le Pen comes second in a French presidential election for the second time in her life. The FN President has three children she wants to protect more than anything in the world.

The home stretch of the French presidential elections has begun. On Sunday April 10, 2022, the French voted for their candidates and the results are now known. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other in the second round of this election. Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter is a politician, but also a happy mother. She has been on the French political scene for 35 years and has been able to protect her privacy.

She makes a point of keeping her private life private, which is why little is known about her children. Marine Le Pen is the mother of three children from her first marriage. Unfortunately, she divorced this man six months after the birth of her last children. Who are Marine Le Pen’s children? And most importantly, who is her father? The answers.

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right Rallye National (RN) party and candidate for the 2022 French presidential election, addresses the media after laying a wreath in front of the Cross of Lorraine in Graye-sur-Mer, north-west of France, November 9, 2021, on the anniversary of General De Gaulle’s death. © Getty Images


A few years ago, Marine Le Pen fell in love with a man named Franck Chauffroy. The latter was an entrepreneur who provided furniture for the meetings organized by Jean-Marie Le Pen. It was under these circumstances that they met and eventually grew closer.

Franck Chauffroy is described as a party-loving man: a “bad boy”. It is probably this character that seduced Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter. One of his relatives said:

“Marine has always liked this style”.

Portrait of Marine Le Pen on May 10, 1987 in Paris, France. © Getty Images

To go in the same direction, Patrice Machuret wrote in his work In the skin of Marine Le Pen (2012):

“Marine fell in love with him. He was handsome at the time”.

Love was there and they married on June 7, 1997. A few months later, in 1998, Marine Le Pen gave birth to their first daughter, Jehanne. Ten months later, in 1999, their twins Mathilde and Louis were born. Six months later, the couple unexpectedly divorced. More than 20 years after the events, the President of the FN has never given the reason for this divorce.

FRANCE – APRIL 1: Marine Le Pen in the West Indies in France in April 1988. І Getty Images

Discussing her decision to protect her children, she confided to Valeur Actuelles:

“I have three children who are young adults now that I had in ten and a half months (…) It’s my red line and I don’t have many of them. I totally preserved them. Not a single photo of them has appeared in the press, I cherish this protection like the apple of my eye”.

It’s all for his credit.

Marine Le Pen, lawyer for the two FN activists Samuel Maréchal, son-in-law of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and Jean-Marie Lebraud, who are appearing in criminal court the day after clashes between FN activists and high school students, arrives at the d’Auch courthouse on March 22, 1995. І Getty Images

She wanted to keep them away from media exposure so badly that she refused to give them the famous name “Le Pen”. Their names are actually Jehanne, Mathilde and Louis Chauffroy.


After the divorce, Marine Le Pen received custody of their children. She raised them with the help of her mother, Pierrette, who had once settled in her domain of Montretout. Marine Le Pen’s everyday life was “very family-oriented” because she devoted herself exclusively to the education of her offspring. She can be proud because she has achieved the double goal she set herself: to protect her children and to give them the best possible education.

Jean-Marie Le Pen with his daughters Marie-Caroline and Marine at Joan of Arc Day in Paris, France, May 1, 1991. І Getty Images

That wasn’t exactly easy when your name was “Le Pen”. In fact, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s political decisions had to affect his daughter very often. Relations between father and daughter weren’t always so healthy that a media dispute ensued. Marine Le Pen probably wanted to protect her children from all these evils.

They are adults now and make their own decisions. They voted for the first time in their lives in the first round of the 2017 French presidential election. What happened to them? Focus on her current life.

Marine Le Pen, lawyer for her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, during a trial on September 12, 1996 in Epinal, France. © Getty Images


We know very little about Marine Le Pen’s children. However, we share the information we hold with you.

Marine Le Pen’s first daughter, Jehanne, is now 24 years old. According to her Linkedin account, she is a costume designer for shows. Mathilde Chauffroy is 23 years old. The young woman is responsible for a company that supplies event furniture (tents, chairs, etc.). Among other things, his company trades in the furniture used at Marine Le Pen’s meetings. As for Louis Chauffroy, little information is available about him other than his passion for rugby.

His mother confided in France Bleu in 2017:

“I’m surrounded by rugby fans. My twins love (…) My son plays quite well and regularly, it’s a barracks”.

It is not known if he intends to continue in rugby. Who knows, maybe he’ll decide to pursue a professional career and why not, with the French team? The future will show.

Marine Le Pen smiles. © Getty Images

Finally, Marine Le Pen spoke again about her decision to protect her descendants:

“My children have the right to live peacefully. I was me (mediatized). I would have been happier if I hadn’t been… There is no question that I impose that on mine”,

she explained to Paris Match.

It seems that she succeeded in her bet as it is difficult to find information about her children. In addition, it is almost impossible to find any of her photos in any article or on social networks. This allows them to live peacefully, away from the paparazzi’s targets, as their mother wishes.

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