Four priority educational networks in the heart of Béziers

She has noticed the impoverishment of the city of Riquet since the introduction of this education policy, with the aim of providing better support in the schools to those who have the least.

“Is it harder in Rep+? No, I do not think so. There are social criteria, but the teams are more established and want to get involvedexplains Thierry Gras, rector of the Maurice-et-Katia-Krafft college in La Devèze for four years, which is therefore classified as a reinforced priority educational network. And our indicators are good: last year, at the Brevet des collèges, we had the best score from Béziers, and all the students found a second-place assignment.

“We talked before about Priority Education Zones (Zep). Even with the idea of ​​giving more to those who have the least,” remembers Gérard Virgili, Inspector of National Education (IEN) of the Béziers-Ville district for nine years. He has detailed knowledge of the field, having previously been headmaster of the Renan-Riquet school at the age of 12 in Aveyron, and educational adviser in Béziers at the age of 10, before staying briefly in Aveyron.

“Historically, Béziers has been part of that policy since the 1980s. There was the Devèze network with Krafft and the Faubourg network, oddly enough without network leaders with Jean-Perrin and Henri IV. Schools with more or less distinct profiles revolve around these network leaders.”

“Support students as closely as possible”

The Ministry of National Education classifies institutions according to a “social index”. This includes four parameters that can influence study success: the rate of disadvantaged socio-professional categories, the rate of scholarship holders, the rate of students residing in a district that is an urban policy priority, the rate of repeat offenders before the sixth grade. The aim is to correct the effects of social and economic inequalities on academic success. In these networks, teachers benefit from an increased remuneration system.

“But most importantly, there are weighted counseling hours in Rep+specifies Thierry Gras. This gives time to think, to set up projects and to support the students as closely as possible. The teaching team, about sixty teachers, is very stable. It’s very easy to build.” And that’s where the parents gather, more than a thousand of whom come to deliver the quarterly communications.

And elsewhere an “injustice” is denounced

Not all colleges and schools in Béziers depend on a primary educational network, which some say is “an injustice”.

The Lucie Aubrac College has repeatedly expressed the wish to integrate the system. Vain. “The indicators taken into account do not allow this classification, explains the Inspector of National Education, Gérard Virgili. Because the mixture with residential areas or villages near Béziers puts a strain on them. This disadvantages, for example, schools in the city center like Roland. Pélisson, Sévigné or Les Oiseaux who do not have the benefits of the Priority Education Network and have major unresolved issues. This also applies to Dullague College with the Herriot School.”

But to wait and see: “The Dasen is very vigilant in this situation and allows a different accompaniment. Great effort is being made to “minimize this injustice.”

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