Foulayronnes. Laurent Bernard lets the children discover his farm with the tool in their hands

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Salomé, Louis, Jules and Ethan, from l’Outil en main, chaired by Bernard Noël, this Wednesday April 6th is an afternoon of discovery of Laurent Bernard’s farm in Artigues.

For Salomé, Louis, Jules and Ethan, this Wednesday April 6th is an afternoon of discovery. Holding tool in hand, these young people take advantage of the good relations established between President Bernard Noël and Artigues-based gardener Laurent Bernard to discover the environment in which he works.

“I’m originally from Bordeaux, but I stayed fifteen years in Ariège and then two years in Morocco as a French teacher. I settled here a year ago,” explains Laurent Bernard calmly, applying the agricultural Rénova, that is made up of the revaluation and preservation of fruit heritage.

As the children discover the culture practiced, the owner of the 11-acre estate explains, “My goal is to build nurseries of fruit trees and propagate them to produce a few from the same fruit tree. This is the genetic lottery, the same goes for production as olives, to finally manage to make large cuttings”. It has eight fig trees, four hazel trees, five olive trees and four vines.

“I use the leaves to make compost,” he tells his young audience, spotting strawberries in the greenhouse, some of which are already very red. “You have to take care of it. Strawberries don’t like moisture or water, they like freshness. It is necessary to remove dead leaves, weeds,” he says in expert circles on the questions asked.

Cultivation of tomato plants

A little further on, in front of a bed of seedling, Laurent Bernard explains what he is doing. “These are reproducible seeds using the same tomato seeds to make tomato plants. My goal is to harvest and sell tomatoes.” He plans to sell tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini, cucumbers, thyme, bay leaves from his production in May.

He interrogates his students for half an afternoon, asking them what’s over their heads. “It’s a shadow veil. I noticed that the sun is too much in the greenhouse at over 40 degrees. This veil provides shade, which is better for the culture,” explains the gardener. He then explains the usefulness of a stake for growing this fruit vegetable.

“Are you interested?” he asks his young interlocutors. The answers are rather positive: “We will be able to go for a walk, discover how to care for nature, he imagines, before showing how it nourishes its crops from a stream below. The small group is called upon to meet to see the gardener’s daily work.

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