Fougères: You restart the Tête Noire as a family

Florian and Julien Chataignère will re-launch the Tête Noire with their wives Noémie and Céline.
Florian and Julien Chataignère will re-launch the Tête Noire with their wives Noémie and Céline. © The Republican Chronicle

They wanted to start a family business. You will restart an institution from Fougeres.

the The Chataignère brothers, Julien and Florian, and their wives, Céline and Noémie are the new owners of the black head.

The bar on the corner of Place Aristide-Briand and Rue de Paris has existed under this name since at least 1886. Perhaps the oldest bar in the city.

“Available, Popular”

All four “cracked the place, its structure, its location,” sums up Julien Chataignère. The first negotiations, which began in the summer of 2021, were concluded this winter.

Her ambition: “Realize the full potential of an address known to all Fougerais. There are two bars on the square that are doing very well, but there is no restaurant,” Florian suspects.

“Here we reach everyone: customers passing through, tourists who work in the city or go to the market on Saturday mornings”

Julien Chataignere.

They will develop a brasserie concept (lunch and dinner), which will become a bar in the afternoon, “where we can snack, taste and enjoy an aperitif”, explains the chef, without giving everything away.

One certainty: it will have nothing to do with Chez Moi, a modern bistro that he opened in January 2020 at the end of rue Jules-Ferry. “We’re going to do something completely different. We will create something for the general public that is accessible and popular. »

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Inside there will be 60 seats with the possibility of two privatized rooms and 48 seats on the terrace.

You said blackhead

In the summer of 2021, the Chronicle wrote a paper to explain the failed sale of the Tête Noire. At that time we explained the origin of the name. Eric Roulin, who manages the Fougères dans le retro Facebook page, conjured up a local tradition: “She wants it to be due to the guillotine. It was installed in this square during the Revolution.” Michel Heude, a reader, disagreed: “A breed of sheep called Schwarzkopf was sold at the Fougères market. After selling the sheep we drank a bowl of coffee and the name Schwarzkopf would have remained engraved on the gable of the tavern.”

Five employees, opening in June

The new owners plan to open in June. Initially five days a week (closed on Sundays and Mondays), from 9am to 11pm, except one day at 6pm (to be determined).

With a team of five operating the machine: a chef, a cook, a restaurant manager and two waiters. The team is almost complete, “but there is still room in the room”, Julien Chataignère specifies.

The facility is now under construction. Everything is renewed from floor to ceiling, electricity, plumbing and kitchen. Facelift needed. As for the name, the place is now called Tête Noire revisited. “We wanted to keep that name, which appeals to everyone, but modernize it.”

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