For Vincent, it’s about education, it’s about tomorrow’s voters

Last part of our daily meeting with the presidential election of April 10th and 24th. Today Vincent, part-time preschool entertainer. For him, the upbringing of the children should be the priority of the candidates.

Vincent is 26 years old, lives in Besançon, has been working part-time as an extracurricular animator for 5 years, the other half he is an actor. Like many young people his age, he doesn’t think much of politics anymore, at least national politics.

What do you expect from a President of the Republic? “I have to admit that I no longer expect much from the President of the Republic, except that he tries to improve our living conditions as much as possible, because for people like me, who have half-time, for example, it will be very complicated, very complicated and so it’s a bit embarrassing. But let him put the money in the right place.

What would be the first measure for you in the next five years? “The first action that the next government should take is above all a pay rise and education as a priority. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Are candidate programs relevant to you? “They talk about things that I don’t actually care about. Safety, I don’t feel insecure. No, it’s not the issues that interest me that I care about. I think there’s a lot more to do than that, what’s up offer?”

What trust do you have in politics? “I have a lot more trust in politics at the local level, we have more access to it, we are informed. Not too much confidence on a national level, no, not even actually. Because we haven’t been told things we’ve kept for years, or we’re not being told things that are kept. After all, no trust “.

And if you were president, what would be your priority? “I will focus primarily on education. I think that’s the basis. After all, it is the children who grow up who will be the citizens of tomorrow. So yes, I will take care of that. It’s a disaster.” , we change every year, they get lost, the teachers get lost too, good things need to be done in this environment.

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