For Macron, the Le Pen family is a ‘clan’, not a ‘gathering’

In an interview with the regional daily press, the presidential candidate is clawing at the RN contender as the gap between the two contenders narrows just days before the first round.

He’s definitely on the offensive. While Emmanuel Macron is being taunted by his opponents for not getting involved in the campaign enough to block the actual launch of the campaign, his successor seems determined to don a candidate’s costume for a few days. After his only meeting at La Défense Arena last Saturday, where Emmanuel Macron sparked the general mobilization against the “extreme”., it goes one better on Tuesday evening in an interview with the regional daily press.

Although he had denounced on Saturday “politically correct” and the “politically reprehensible” To better position himself as a central linchpin and a bulwark, Emmanuel Macron responds to Marion Maréchal, the support of Éric Zemmour, who said on Monday morning “feel addressed” through this second category. “I don’t like political correctness, I’m for confronting ideas, with respect (…). But it must be said: we are talking about a lady who is the heir to a clan that has been in the presidential election since the 1960s‘ cried the presidential candidate.

“We are in a world where we can say the worst atrocities without contradicting ourselves”

In his first presidential campaign in 2017, Emmanuel Macron had to face the candidate of the “National Front”. Five years later, he faces the “Rallye National”, as Marine Le Pen’s party has been called since 2018. “It’s not a meeting, it’s a clan». «This clan dares to speak of an “Africanization” of France, and that doesn’t shock anyone?he pretends to be surprised. “We are in a world where we can say the worst atrocities without contradicting, without anyone saying it’s wrong,” thereby boosting the presidential candidate. And Emmanuel Macron, to get the point across, by not speaking of the RN… but of the Front National, “intentionally» : “I will not be fooled by the rip-off: we have a tandem at work, a far-right tandem that is dividing and dividing France.” A way to put Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour in the same bag and set up for a likely second round against the first.

Another announcement made during this interview was the possibility of the two election calendars no longer being synchronized. “Perhaps we should review the rhythm of our general elections, reconsider the issue of articulation between presidential and general elections.”he points out that several social movements demanding more citizen participation have interrupted the five-year term.

If Emmanuel Macron is more in the position of a resolute candidate than he was a few weeks ago, it’s because he and his teams are eyeing the polls. While in the past few days he had managed to stabilize at around 26-27% of the intentions to vote in the first ballot, his nationalist competitor experienced a strong upswing and climbed to around 21-22%. And that’s despite the presence of the Reconquest boss! on the starting line. An even more alarming sign for him: the deficit in the second round has reduced significantly. Some recent polls show a balance of power of “53-47%” – or even less – in favor of Emmanuel Macron. A level that the nationalist right has never reached.

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