Football: Luis Ferreira-Pavesi: “Bayeux FC is like another family to me”

Brazilian-born Luis Ferreira-Pavesi is part of Bayeux FC's new management team alongside Samuel Tesson.
Brazilian-born Luis Ferreira-Pavesi is part of Bayeux FC’s new management team alongside Samuel Tesson. ©The Renaissance

Luis, before we talk about your duties at FC Bayeux, can you tell us about your personal background? You were born in Brazil and came to France as a teenager…

I was born near Sao Paulo. From a French father and a Brazilian mother. She was a journalist and I also followed her to Portugal where, after futsal, I had my first experience with penalties on clay courts. Football has always touched me. I came to France when I was fourteen. First in the Paris region where I played DH until U17 before an injury forced me to turn to corporate football. I then arrived in Normandy where I made friends with some Brazilian players from SM Caen. I discovered Bayeux FC at the same time as my children. First as a manager of young teams.

In Europe, Brazil is considered a true soccer field. Does your home country live up to its reputation?

Football is a religion. It helps to get out of poverty. Every family dreams of having a child who will one day have a job. Football creates an osmosis, conveys the values ​​of sharing, solidarity and team spirit. It’s nice ! My arrival in the Paris region was a real cultural broth for me. I discovered Asia, the Maghreb, Black Africa. Football taught me to respect cultures that are different from mine.

Do you miss Brazil?

Increasingly ! I still have my friends and part of my family there. I go back there every year. Especially for the carnival, where my mother has been performing for more than forty years. She passed on her big heart, her cosmopolitanism and her touch of madness to me. We have a barbecue every Sunday. Even in winter! But I also have this thoughtful, calm side that is perhaps more French. They are two complementary cultures. Traveling has allowed me to grow and discover a lot, but I am also very happy to have settled down, to have given my children a framework, to have met a great woman and a club that is like another family to me.

What is your role at FC Bayeux?

We have been friends with Samuel for more than fifteen years. We provide the link between the staff and the management of the club. We try to combine the needs of one with the wishes of the other. We try to support our coach, offer him the best possible working conditions and at the same time be close to the players to show them that the whole club is behind them. The first steps were difficult. We had to prove our credibility when we emerged from a crisis, but we were able to find twenty-four volunteers who were willing to get involved. Everyone has their own roadmap, their own skills, but we work together. This is our strength. If we can’t erase the past, we can at least correct the future.

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