Foods for nausea during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful adventure, but like any adventure, there are obstacles. Nausea can occur repeatedly and is disabling on a daily basis. You can alleviate them with different means: bracelets against nausea, positions to adopt but also foods to prefer! Déborah Ohana, dietitian and nutritionist, shares some tips for relieving these pregnancy discomforts.

Foods for nausea during pregnancy, myth or reality?

Above all, know that if you experience nausea during your pregnancy, you must eat what you want. It’s important to listen to your body and have fun. Thus, you will be able to keep the appetite and therefore the desire to eat. However, there actually is Foods for nausea during pregnancylike light fare:

  • the fruits,
  • cooked vegetables,
  • Puree,
  • grilled meat (make sure to cook meat and raw foods well or you will expose yourself to bacteria such as listeriosis or toxoplasmosis).

Déborah Ohana advises urgently glazed ginger or a ginger tea “In general, ginger is a good remedy for nausea,” she explains.
Also give preference to carbohydrates (whole grain bread, rice), foods containing anise (dill, fennel), foods rich in zinc and vitamin B6 (broccoli, chicken breast).

Foods That Would Cause Nausea During Pregnancy, A Reality?

According to our nutritionist, there is no food to avoid during pregnancy: “Nausea during pregnancy is purely physiological, especially hormonal changes. They depend specifically on the pregnancy. Therefore, no food should be avoided.”
However, e.g try to calm your nausea, Do not eat heavy, greasy or spicy dishes such as chili con carne, fries, baked apples… When you are pregnant, your senses seem to increase in intensity: the tastes are stronger, but so are the smells! So avoid exposing yourself to harmful fumes: garbage, tobacco, kitchen… Ventilate the rooms well to renew the air and do something good for your nostrils.

Anti-nausea foods from grandmother’s remedies

Is there a more wonderful fruit than lemon? This citrus fruit, known for its many health benefits, also appears to reduce nausea in some pregnant women, according to the book. Pregnancy – The book by My notebook (solar outputs). It is recommended to consume it in all its forms: by sucking a quarter or, if it is too acidic, by squeezing it in water (cold or hot, it’s up to you). Even in summer temperatures, lemon water is an excellent drink.
Another little tip for on the go: Treasure when you wake up. According to this book, so would it be a good antidote to nausea : One spoonful is enough for a nice feeling of sweetness in the mouth and throat.

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What to drink for morning sickness?

Just like food, you should not avoid any drinks during pregnancy, except of course alcohol. On the other hand, herbal teas are excellent for relieving your nausea. There’s something for everyone, but the ginger infusion, as mentioned above, comes highly recommended. If you don’t like hot drinks, the authors of the book featured above recommend soaking a handkerchief with lemon, sweet orange, or bergamot essential oil to bring to your nose several times a day (though without direct contact).
Drink water between meals and not with meals, the solid and liquid mixture doesn’t mix well.

How many meals a day to avoid nausea?

It is advisable during pregnancy multiple meal splitsso as not to overload the digestive system and facilitate digestion. “Three small main meals and two snacks seem interesting to me. However, this has to be done depending on the person and the different parameters associated with it,” states Déborah Ohana. Also, to curb nausea, plan to have a small snack on your bedside table before you go to sleep. As a matter of fact, Nausea tends to be worse after waking up Since the stomach is empty, you can eat lightly at this time to start the day more comfortably.

Speaking of comfort, the best way to eat is to sit in a chair at a dining table. Don’t lie down straight away at the end of your bites, instead wait at least half an hour (or even an hour) before indulging in wonderland. In the meantime, why not take a little digestive walk?

I’m not hungry because of morning sickness

“Hunger and nausea are two different signals, so I would advise working on these two points and learning to differentiate between them. eating mindfulnessMeditation and/or sophrology, such as those offered by the Benevolence workshops, are very beneficial during this time,” our expert suggests. RememberNo meals are required and that the eating rhythm is specific to every woman. Meal frequency and times can be worked out with a nutritionist or a nutritionist.

What to think about if you suffer from morning sickness

You are the only one who can know your needs and desires, follow them. You don’t have to follow everything you learn on the internet, in books, or on TV. Listen to yourself and if in doubt talk to your midwife.

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