Fitness+: Apple offers exercises for pregnant women and after birth

Apple fitness plus iconEvery week, Apple publishes numerous exercises for its Fitness+ service. Apple also caters to all user profiles, thanks to its team of experienced trainers, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trainer, you’ll find it on Apple Fitness+.

Exercises for pregnant women

Apple presents new exercises that are reserved for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. The California giant took advantage of his trainer Betina Gozo’s pregnancy for a record shot 7 videos of 10 minutes to allow pregnant women who subscribe to Apple TV+ to have sessions in the best conditions.
Apple states that its video program includes several three quarters Pregnancy:

This program will help you stay active during an uncomplicated pregnancy. You can do these workouts separately or combine them with your studio workouts
Fitness+ weekly sessions, applying the
Modifications you met in this series. Each workout includes options for all three trimesters of pregnancy and includes tips to help you feel more comfortable exercising and stretching as you grow.
your body is changing.

Fitness exercise pregnant woman

Apple also thinks of women who have just given birththe company is aware that it is not always easy to return to classic exercises, which is why Betina Gozo also recorded sessions there to resume sport candy.
Apple explains:

This program is for anyone who has recently given birth. It offers exercises to help you feel stronger and more dynamic to face the demands of your daily life as a parent. The disguise exercises allow you to strengthen your abs, back and tone your muscles
Pelvic floor. The series begins with a
Core exercise to help you build a base from which to grow stronger without slipping back. There are also upper, lower, and full-body strengthening exercises that use bodyweight or require a light- or moderate-weight dumbbell. Finally, mindful recovery sessions include stretches that target classic postnatal tension areas and meditations that focus on issues such as:
patience and well-being.

Apple also offers several in this “afterbirth program”. alternatives to help you feel better no matter what birth you’ve had.
However, the Cupertino-based company points this out see a doctor before the start of the courses on Fitness+, it is possible that participation in these sessions is not recommended.

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