Firefighters from father to son in Pleine-Fougères: “At Christmas all three of us were called out”

The Patin family is one of two families from Pleine-Fougères who have been volunteer firefighters from father to son.  They tell how and why they got involved.
Vincent, Gérard and Brice Patin joined the barracks in Pleine-Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine) a few years ago. A family story. (©La Gazette de la Manche)

To be volunteer firefighter is almost a question of “why not” at the family skate full ferns (Ille et Vilaine). A “come on, let’s go” that will have lasted 38 years years for Gérard Patin and ten years for his two sons, Brice and Vincent.

At the age of 27, the three men of the Patin family volunteered to save lives in the Pleine-Fougères sector years for the father and 18 years for Brice and Vincent Godmother. They are part of the two families of barracks from Pleine-Fougères to have passed on the taste of volunteering and adrenaline from generation to generation.

“Little ones, we got into the trucks”

How not to escape from him ? Brice and Vincent were trapped in the cradle. “I’ve been there since I was a little boy. Every Sunday when dad was there guard, we got into the trucks. We triggered it Mermaid sometimes,” says Vincent Patin, 33.

“We didn’t notice it, we were used to its rhythm, to hearing the beep,” adds his big brother Brice Patin, 36. Years. A few years later it was the two of them who put the famous “Beep” on their bedside table.

A story of “why not”?

And yet they claim : You were never pressured into it s’Engager. As for his father, Brice, police officer at Mont saint michelShe had been invited to an interview by a fireman friend of hers.

Gérard, the father, had his truck driver’s license at the time and lived near the barracks. A stroke of luck for the volunteer fire brigade team. “There was a good atmosphere with the colleagues, we liked that a lot,” smiles the pensioner by name honorary lieutenant in December 2021 after leaving the barracks at the maximum age of the practice : 65 Years.

“One December 25th we were all proclaimed”

That’s why some nights were short with the Patin family. The routine could be interrupted by interventions. family dinners too.

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On December 25th, we were all paged at once, in the middle of Christmas dinner.

Like Brice and Vincent, Gérard knows that as a volunteer firefighter, you’re bringing your family on board. “Nevertheless, they are victims,” ​​Vincent admits for his father. The last son is probably the most bitten of the three. When he works as a technical agent at Mont-Saint-Michel, Vincent makes himself available on the website.

“Thank you”: these small gestures that motivate

When people thank you, that’s nice. You know you are useful.

Vincent SkateVolunteer firefighter and agent at Mont-Saint-Michel

Gérard remembers a thank you in particular. A lady from Trans-la-Forêt. “She was 75 and had gone into cardiac arrest in the truck. We revived him. And one fine day she came to the barracks to thank me personally.

These small gestures are probably the ones that turned “why not” into a calling, at the bedside of others for several years.

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