filmed the birth of her baby?

As they appear in the cast of the new season of Mamans et Célèbres, are Nacca and Éloïse Appelle planning to film the birth of their first child? The couple answered the question during an interview with Télé-Loisirs this Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Nacca and Éloïse Appelle have come a long way since they met on the season of Marseilles in the Caribbean. While the pretty blonde and a so-called Cassandra are recruited by the production to seduce Greg Yega, Eloise eventually succumbs to Nacca’s charms. The two contestants later experienced ups and downs in their relationship, but were able to work things out for the best of reasons. In fact, Nacca and Eloise will welcome their first child next May.

Nacca and Eloise Call
Nacca and Éloïse Appelle @ Instagram

after their departure W9Her lovers took part in the controversial season Holiday of the Angels 4th, before stepping away from reality TV for a while. But her fans will be able to follow her adventures back to the small screen. Because Nacca and Eloise are listed in Cast of the new season from mothers and famous.

Nacca and Eloise Call land TFX

That was when I found out about the young woman’s pregnancy The couple were contacted by production from mothers and famous. And without hesitation he accepted the suggestion:

I’ve already watched it (the show, ed.) and I think it’s the only show of its kind that exudes family values.

Said Eloise in an interview with tele leisurebefore Nacca continues:

And then we want to share more with the people who have been following us for two years to invite them into our intimacy. In addition, you will see that we are already very focused on the upbringing of our future child and therefore on the entire preparation before his arrival. It’s in for the first time mothers & famous that we see a young couple who have no children yet. The production gives us wonderful memories.

The former candidates of Marseilles kept the secret secret for several months before telling her relatives that they were attending TFX. Mainly because they initially wanted to share the beginning of this new adventure “secretly and intimately”:

We really wanted it to be a general surprise. (…) Above all, we didn’t want our loved ones to find out about it. Instagrambut we also wanted to surprise them.

explained Nacca. And to add:

I know if I had told my parents after three months it could have come out, even though they wanted to announce they were going to be grandparents.

Impatient to become parents, Nacca and Éloïse already see each other there and have even decided on the education they want to give their future child.

The televised birth of Éloïse Appelle?

The future parents were adamant: no question exposing her princess on social networks. However, Éloïse Appelle is aware that she will not be permanently protected from stolen photos and will be published on the web against her will:

I’ll make sure to hide it for as long as possible. (…) On the one hand I want to protect her and if I would listen to myself I would even hide her for years. Then again, I know it’s going to be complicated, and I’d rather unveil his face myself.

The one introduced as Kevin Guedj’s best friend continued:

Explaining and showing his everyday life is not a problem. On the other hand, we want to keep her identity as long as possible because she didn’t choose to be exposed. (…) We will try to postpone the date as far as possible.

If it will be necessary to accept that one day their daughter’s face will be revealed, however, the lovebirds have reiterated itThey had no intention of filming Éloïse’s delivery on the show :

Especially since it is impossible given the current situation with the pandemic.

Determines the future father. His girlfriend confirms:

We don’t even have the right to family. But hey, you get a chance to see the people who mean the most to us in the episodes leading up to my daughter’s birth.

Something to comfort her fans.

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