Fight against school bullying: app presented for children and parents

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Nora Tirane-Fraisse, founder of the Marion La Main Tendue association, participated in the creation of Kolibri, an application against school bullying. She herself faced such a drama: Marion, her 13-year-old daughter, committed suicide after being the victim of molestation. (© AM/News Paris)

Better support for children and parents in the face of harassment at school. This is the goal of the application humming-bird, launched this Thursday, April 7, 2022 by the Marion association the outstretched hand in Paris. This association, founded by Nora Tirane-Fraisse, wants to fight against school violence and support parents and children affected by it, particularly through its Maisons de Marion. Violence, which has been a criminal offense since February 24, 2022, carries a 10-year prison sentence.

“We can no longer be afraid to say things,” says Nora Tirane-Fraisse of the Maison de Marion in the 13th arrondissement. with humming-bird and digital applications, this makes it possible to pick up young people in their country. »

Understand child victims of violence better

The application, free and intended for the children of 9 to 17 years old, comes in two profiles: parent or child. The child using Hummingbird can share their emotions of the day with their parents through a series of emoticons nicknamed ” the weather of feelings“. The child can also report to you or another person they have chosen as a confidant about the use of the violent offense they will have suffered or by whom it will have been Witness.

The idea is Facilitate communication between children and parents about bullying. “Children are often told to speak up when they are victims, but they don’t always have the right words. That’s how we imagined Kolibri,” explains Nora Tirane-Fraisse.

Of useful numbers are also available via the application, e.g. B. the prevention of Suicide (3114) or that of childhood in danger (119).

As parents, when we experience this kind of drama, we are amazed. We need to know who to turn to.

Nora Tirane FraisseClub founder Marion the outstretched hand

Tutorials are also available in the app to raise awareness about school bullying. When Kolibri shapes the exchange between children and parents, the application does not intervene in solving problems. ” We have a coordinating role‘ Salem Tirane, President of the Marion association, explains the outstretched hand.

Extension of Maisons de Marion

The designers of humming-bird see the application as ” prevention tool“. “When we vote 30 18 (the government’s platform against school harassment, ed.) we are very often in cases where tragedy has already occurred. With Kolibri we want to make this easier for parentsintervene upstream“, explains Nora Tirane-Fraisse.

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Parallel to the application, the association Marion with outstretched hand, continues its development. After opening a house in Orsay, in Essonne, and a second in the 13th district from Paris, the association intends to continue its expansion. “We should open a house in Metz before the summer of 2022. After all, we would like to open one across France,” hopes Salem Tirane.

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