Female, Ex, Child Stars, “7 Years With Coluche” and “Diking”

Guest of the show “En Aparté”; Gérard Lanvin opened up about his career… and his love life. The 71-year-old actor – who has been with Jennifer for nearly half a century – admitted their love story wasn’t always a long, smooth river…

Showbiz sometimes hides beautiful love stories. Below that of Gerard Lanvin and his wife Jennifer Lanvin – Chantal Benoist his real name – it stays for almost 50 years. guest on the show Alongside at channel+ On Monday, April 4th, the actor took the opportunity to pay a beautiful tribute to the mother of his two sons…

Gérard Lavin and his wife Jennifer: a couple that has stood the test of time

You know It’s easy to go all the way with someone who suits you. It’s pretty silly. Once again I had the chance to meet a personality that corresponds to me“, he confided to Nathalie Levy. But love has been the actress of the film for many years The ball admitted it anyway things hadn’t always been rosy between them.

Naturally, Like any club, there were ups and downshe confessed. But luckily, the couple knew how to get over their disagreements.”In this case, it always got done and it got done because Our two temperaments complement each other. It’s an accurate story. (…) I always go home happy to find my house and Jennifer“, he concluded.

Gérard Lanvin: Who is his wife Jennifer (Chantal Benoist)?

Chantal Benoist, aka Jennifer LanvinShe first became known in the 1970s as Mannequin, then gladly disco singer. She continued her musical career between France and Italy before trying her hand at comedyactress. She said “yes” to Gérard Lanvin during a beautiful wedding in 1984.

From their love story two children are born. Leo Lanvin in 1973 and Manu Lanvin in 1988. At the end of the 1980s, Chantal Benoist took a break from her career to devote herself to her family. Elle 1990, in which she had an appearance There are days… and moons by Claude Lelouch. The 67-year-old former artist has retired from showbiz.

Gérard Lanvin: Who are his children Manu and Léo?

Emmanuel Lanvain, known as Manu Lanvin, 48, is a singer-songwriter. In 2000 he released his first album called Come to the world. In 2007 he made a musical change and devoted himself to electronic music. At the same time he composes film music and collaborates with American artists. On May 21, he released the album with his father Gérard Lanvin Here below which he composed and produced. Privately, he is the proud father of a little daughter who was born in 2008.

Léo Lanvin, 34, is a French DJ. He took his first steps at local radio stations, where he performed as a DJ. At 16, he became a radio host, and then entered fun radiowhere he worked with Omar and Fred in the 2000s, then he multiplied collaborations with radio stations like Radio FG, Jungfrau Radio Where from NRJ. An experience that led him to the front of the stage. Léo Lanvin becomes an independent DJ.

A wonderful couple‘ with his ex-wife Dominique

If Gérard Lanvin is a fulfilled man alongside Jennifer, the actor has experienced a past love failure that has made a lot of noise. And for a good reason. Whereas the actor is married to Dominique Quilichini, This one here abruptly leaves him for the singer Renaud with whom she will have a daughter, Lolita.

When asked about this story, artist Nathalie Levy affirmed that she did not have it no bad memories from his idyll with his ex-girlfriend and even remembers being educated “a wonderful couple“. Even more, to be entrusted to this one very happy that Dominique married the singer of Leash concrete, Manu and Winner Mistral. So no hard feelings!

Sad secrets about Coluche “fallen to stone”

Throughout the interview, Gérard Lanvin returned to him the encounters that marked his life and in particular his friendship with Coluche. The comedian and comedian met each other in the 1970s. The complicity between the two artists is immediate. So much so that Coluche decides to ask Gérard Lanvin to star in his film You won’t have Alsace and Lorraine 1977. A relationship followed Fusion between the two men.

a period”splendid“, remembered Gérard Lanvin but unfortunately ended when Coluche turned to drugs. “I had to go there sometime he got stoned and that was more my story‘ the actor recalled, before adding, ‘But we stayed together every day for 7 years.

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