Family in Switzerland weathered: The father, a polytechnician, is the last to give a sign of life

Of the members of the David-Feraoun family who fell under strange circumstances from the 7th floor of an opulent building in Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, only a teenager, Allan, aged 15, survived the family tragedy.

The sole survivor of this family tragedy, who was taken to hospital in critical condition, is in a condition described as “stabilized“and wouldn’t be in a coma. Only he could hold”the key to the mysterious family tragedy“, as reported by the Sunday newspaper, which revealed the identity of the victims on March 27.

The strange design of the David-Feraoun family

On Thursday, March 24, shortly after 6 a.m., two gendarmes showed up on the seventh floor of this luxury building at 37 rue du Casino, where this French family has lived since 2014. As recalled by the Vaud police, it was the execution of an arrest warrant to bring Eric David, the father, issued by the prefecture in connection with Allan’s homeschooling.

The gendarmes knock on the door and a voice from inside replies “Who is here?‘ before a great silence fell inside. The police representatives would therefore have to wait on the spot for almost half an hour before they could leave the premises without being alerted by special movements in the apartment.

During this time, a witness contacted the police and said that several people had fallen from the balcony of an apartment. On the ground, in the street, lay the bodies of five people: Father Éric David, 40, his wife Nasrine Feraoun, 41, their twin sister Narjisse Feraoun, and the couple’s two children, an 8-year-old girl and the eldest, Allan, who was still showing signs of life after falling from 25 metres.

They cut all family ties

On the random trail (the balcony didn’t collapse), on that of a collective suicide, other hypotheses are considered, such as that of murder against the background of sectarian, artistic survival practices, belief in the end of the world. As this family is described by the neighborhood as “discreet“, “isolated“, “bizarre“According to the testimonies collected by the Swiss newspapers, could she have lost her life this way?

An equation with several unknowns that the Swiss investigators are trying to solve thanks to the investigations in the apartment itself, the study of the telephone and computer equipment, but also the forensic reports on the victims and on the possible presence of toxic or medicinal products. The hearings of members of the David-Feraoun family were intended to learn more about the missing, who have lost touch with loved ones for several years.

Exactly this narrowness is surprising in a wealthy family with a brilliant professional career. One of the couple’s brothers-in-law told the JDD this Saturday he was “stunned”; suggesting not having heard anything in 15 years. “Six months after their wedding, Éric and Nasrine brutally cut ties with no explanation“. He had last met Nasrine Faraoun with his stroller on a Paris street where his nephew Allan was. Also, according to the Swiss authorities, the 8-year-old girl who died on Thursday does not appear in any administrative register , unlike the teenager.

Three rooms full of food and medicine

According to the newspaper The weather, Three of the five rooms were fully stocked with food and medicine, while the family lived in the remaining two rooms. The statements of a resident of the building confirm this curious cluster of residents on the 7th floor 24 hours.

He told Swiss media that when investigators entered the premises, they discovered an apartment filled to the ceiling with boxes. “Crates of groceries, tin cans, medicines”he commented, assuring that the family received daily “three or four packages in the mail”. Finally, with everything the police found “it was enough to fill two trucks”.

They began by asking whether there were nuclear fallout shelters in the basement and whether they were well ventilated. That’s not really the kind of question you ask first!”, a resident told Swiss media. “Were they preparing for the end of the world?‘ the interlocutor finished.

Two granddaughters of the writer Mouloud Feraoun

We know that the two women who lost their lives were named Nasrine and Narjisse. They were twin sisters, both doctors and 41 years old. They were the granddaughters of the Algerian writer Mouloud Feraoun, whose disappearance was commemorated on March 15 to mark the 60th anniversary of his disappearance at the request of Emmanuel Macron. An author close to Albert Camus and a humanist teacher, he was murdered in cold blood by the OAS on the heights of the capital.

The two sisters, former students of the Lycée Henri IV in Paris, grew up in a family with five children in an affluent environment between a computer scientist father and a housewife. Eric David’s wife and mother of two children, she established herself as a dentist in Vernon in the Eure in 2008 before moving to Switzerland with her husband in 2014. Period that would coincide with the birth of their daughter. She then worked for a year in an orthodontic practice in Bulle, Canton Fribourg.

First task of a flawless trip: In December 2014, the Freiburg health service withdrew his professional license for administrative reasons.

His sister Narjisse Feraoun, an ophthalmologist, has been working part-time at the eye clinic in Sion in Valais for a few months. For the past seven years, she has lived with her husband, who is French and a specialist in computer systems security and lives in Lausanne.

The Father: The Journey of a Brilliant Man

In front of his door he is the last one who gave a sign of life to a third party. Has two cops. Eric David never opened up to the two men and maintained silence before his body was found at the base of his building. A brilliant man with a nebulous career in recent years… On the LinkedIn social network, the profile photo shows a smiling man in the deserted stands of what appears to be the Stade de France, wearing glasses with a badge that appears to be one of the Euro 2016 football.

He presents himself as an independent consultant in ticketing and has seven years of experience in three major French ministries, three years of project management in a Swiss company and a scientific education in France. It has 316 relationships with which it appears there are no public ties.

According to the Sunday newspaper, Eric David grew up in Marseille in an uneventful residential spot in the southern neighborhoods, the city’s most popular. It is described, still according to JDD, as “discreet and gifted student, the best in the class‘ by a former comrade.

As he states in his CV on Linkedin, he graduated from the prestigious Ecole polytechnique in the top 5 in 2014 before working in several ministries (budget, foreign affairs, youth and sport) as an IT expert from 2006 to 2013. In 2013, Éric David joined Secutix, a Lausanne-based company specializing in online ticketing, before starting his own business in 2016.

He is described by neighbors as a quiet man who wore shorts in both winter and summer, rarely went out and had no contact with the neighborhood.

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