Family defenestrated in Switzerland: The apartment that has been converted into a survival bunker is still a mystery

Less than a week after the tragedy, this Tuesday, March 29, the Vaud police published their findings on the status of the investigation into the death of five French people.

A week ago, a 40-year-old father, his 41-year-old wife, their twin sister, and the couple’s 8-year-old daughter were found dead after falling from the balcony of their apartment at 7 luxury building near the Casino Barrière in Montreux. The couple’s eldest son, 15, was treated in critical condition after falling nearly 25 meters.

A camera from 45 minutes before the drama…

On Thursday, March 24, at 6:15 a.m., two gendarmes appeared at the door of the David-Faraoun family home with a search warrant linking the father to the teenager’s schooling. Then a man’s voice asks who’s there. You report and then no more noise. The two men are still waiting on site for almost half an hour behind the hermetically sealed door before leaving the premises. Didn’t notice anything special. no crying No special movement.

Forty-five minutes after the gendarmes intervened, that is, about twenty minutes after they left the building, the Vaud police received a phone call. It’s almost 7am and a witness reports that five people have just fallen from a building on Rue du Casino.

If the family was afraid of the presence of the gendarmes, they believed it, as the Vaud police summarized on Tuesday:interference in their way of life“? What happened in front of the camera of this accommodation during this thirty-minute time? The three adults and the two children panicked.

In fact, upon investigation, it was found that there was a stepladder on the balcony and that the five victims fell one after the other within five minutes. The witnesses questioned heard neither noise nor shouting from the balcony.

traces of violence?

At this stage of the investigation, the Vaud police maintains the scenario of the desire to end his life from each family member, including two children. It is also specified that the investigations carried out after the fatal fall did not reveal any trace of a struggle.

According to the newspaper Mariannethe father would have jumped with his daughter in his arms.

The state of the survivor

He is the only one who survived this family tragedy. The last who can perhaps describe the minutes that preceded the drama. At 15, Allan was hospitalized on Tuesday, still in a coma in stable condition, authorities said.

The teenager’s fall was slowed by the presence of a palm tree near the residence, he reported The Parisian.

Cut off from their loved ones

Another mystery: why David-Faraoun, he a computer engineer with a degree from Polytechnique, the twin sisters respectively dentist and ophthalmologist, have been living in isolation and avoiding all contact with the outside world since their installation in autumn 2019? Described as being secretive, distant, avoiding getting on the elevator with other residents, they had apparently severed ties with loved ones for a number of years.

The couple’s brother-in-law confided in the Sunday newspaper. “stunned“In light of this tragic disappearance, he stated that he had had no news of the couple for 15 years.Six months after their marriage, Eric and Nasrine brutally cut ties with no explanation“. According to his testimony, the last time he happened to see Nasrine on a Paris street was when little Allan was sitting in a stroller.

In 2014 she settled down with her husband in Switzerland – at that time employed by the company SeCutix, which specializes in ticketing for major events – Nasrine worked for a few months in an orthodontic practice in Bulle (Canton Fribourg) until the Freiburg Health Department did not revoke his license for administrative reasons practice as disclosed by the JDD.

This period also seems to correspond to the birth of his daughter.

His sister Narjisse had meanwhile reduced her professional activities by only practicing part-time at the Sion Eye Clinic.

Conspiracy and struggle for survival to the death?

For the municipal police “since the beginning of the pandemic, the family has been very interested in conspiracy and survival theses“Investigators discovered an apartment that had been converted into a bunker, filled with survival rations and boxes of medicine neatly stowed until they took up most of the space in the apartment.”to deal with a major crisis“. The windows were also caulked. Many other strange behaviors amazed the other tenants elsewhere.

The residents would thus have entrenched themselves in just two rooms for their daily life.

Survivalists or David-Ferraoun conspirators? Each piece of the puzzle leads to these theses, as one of the rare questions the family asks neighbors about the existence of nuclear bunkers, according to the Swiss daily The weather.

The shadow of a cult?

According to the daily, a religious dimension cannot be ruled out 24 hours. Of particular note is a medallion with a verse from the Bible hung under the peephole of the door. What is more visible here is the trace of a last Christmas decoration left hanging on the door without any special meaning.

Neighbors, however, complained about the smell of incense wafting from the house, “constantly burned during the day since they arrived in the building,” according to witnesses. On the day of the tragedy, the smoke was so heavy that it went down your throat, commented one tenant.

The investigation has so far reported no elements pointing to a sectarian current.

The mother and the little girl are said to be in Morocco

The school situation of the couple’s two children is also worrying. If it is known that the eldest son had to pursue his studies at home, the parents had to comply with certain official requirements. Moreover, it was this lack of respect for formalities that led to the morning visit of two gendarmes on Thursday, March 24th.

For the Swiss authorities “Neither the mother nor the 8-year-old girl were officially registered with the residents’ registration office, which explains the lack of schooling for this child. These two people had been announced in April 2016 that they were leaving for Morocco and that they should not live in Montreux“, he was underlined on Tuesday. That’s six years during which the girl and her mother apparently had no existence on Swiss territory. Another mystery.

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