Family budget: allowances, fuel prices, housing… What will change on April 1, 2022

This is mostly good news. This Friday, April 1, 2022, there are many family budget changes coming up. Allowances, allowances, everyday life… We’ll tell you everything that awaits your wallet.

increase in family allowances

As every April 1st, many aids from the family allowance fund (Caf) will be upgraded. In terms of specific help for families, the following changes:

The other helps being re-evaluated

In addition to helping families, other helping hands of the café will increase:

  • The Active Solidarity Income (RSA) for single people is 575.52 euros per month, an increase of 15.78 euros
  • The activity bonus is increased by 1.8%
  • The Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH) is €919.86 versus €903.60.

Increase in MaPrimeRénov’

This time the change will come into effect on April 15th. The MaPrimeRénov’ subsidy is increased by 1,000 euros if the heating system is switched to a renewable system.

Discount of 15 cents per liter on fuel

The government has announced a rebate of 15 cents excluding tax (ie 18 cents including tax in mainland France, approximately 17 cents including tax in Corsica and 15 cents including tax in overseas France) on a liter of fuel at the pump from April 1st. But don’t rush to fill up: at some stations you have to wait a bit for the discount to apply.

rental control

According to a regulation published on February 4th, real estate professionals working in an area subject to rent control must, from April 1st, provide three pieces of information on their rental advertisements: the reference rent, the increased rent of 20% and, if necessary, the in certain cases approved supplement to the rent.

property tax increase

You’ll see this when you file your taxes and when you pay them in the fall, but the Developed Property Tax (TFPB) is going up. This 3.4% increase will affect the 32 million French who own property in 2022. Contacted by Actu.frexplains the Directorate-General for Public Finances (DGFIP): “It is the Treasury Act that establishes the annual reassessment of rental bases used to calculate property and housing taxes.” And these rental values ​​have been reassessed every year since 2018, “according to inflation calculation”. As a result, with inflation, the property tax increases.

end of the winter break

The winter break ends this Friday, April 1st. The evictions of tenants who are not paying their rent will therefore start again.

Sending the energy check

The energy check will be sent out during the month of April. This help makes it possible to pay a household’s energy bills such as gas, electricity, heating oil or even firewood.

No more growth antibiotic meat imports

From April, meat from animals raised on growth antibiotics will no longer be allowed to be imported.

Switch to telephone acquisition of brokers

The law of April 8, 2021 on the reform of insurance mediation and mediation in banking and payment transactions comes into force this Friday. In concrete terms, the telephone recruiters of the companies concerned must ask you for your express consent to continue the conversation from the beginning of the conversation. If you decline, they must end the call and remove your details from their lists.

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