Families of seriously ill children are considering legal action

RMC INFO. Families of the victims have broken their silence on RMC following the massive recall of Buitoni pizzas suspected of making dozens of children seriously ill. They are demanding answers from the authorities and are considering legal action.

At the end of January it’s pizza night with Chloé’s family. Their 12-year-old son Robin is eating a Fraîch’up range pizza from Buitoni, the family’s favorite brand. Two days later he gets stomach pains, turns pale and sleeps a lot. Doctors suspect gastroenteritis. But by the end of the week, his condition worsened: he stopped eating, could no longer stand, and his eyes turned yellow. Chloe then takes him to the emergency room.

“Within a day it was too late”

“When we arrived at the hospital in Lille, the pediatrician told us bluntly that his vital prognosis was over, Chloé tells RMC. If it affects the liver, brain and heart within 48 hours, your life will be over. You wonder if your life will end. You imagine that he is dead and that you are going to his funeral. And you wonder if you’ll go on living without him. Both of his kidneys had stopped working. Within a day it was too late. He is sentenced to a lifelong salt-free diet and he may later have kidney problems.

Robin’s parents are no longer alone with their questions. They joined a Facebook group identifying the parents of victim children. This group is that of the association “SHU T – Typical haemolytic and uraemic syndrome “Out of the silence””.

It is this severe syndrome that has affected children. Together, the parents, one of whom has died, are considering legal action to determine who is responsible. One of the mothers says her two sons are in the hospital, one of whom is still in intensive care. Among those angry parents is Malo, the father of a 4-year-old girl, Sacha. She too found herself between life and death after eating a Buitoni pizza. She stayed in the hospital for three weeks and on dialysis for 15 days.

“We break their childhood,” Malo explains to RMC. Those three weeks in hospital made my daughter grow up too fast. We’re asking her to do things she shouldn’t be subjected to. It hurts. responsibility and that it will not go unpunished. “

Long-awaited test results

The parents also hope that the authorities, the Anti-Fraud and Public Health France, will quickly release the results of the tests to confirm the link between the 58 cases of serious poisoning and Buitoni pizzas.

For its part, Nestlé, which sells a Buitoni pizza every two seconds in France, does not want to react further, referring to its last press release of 18 and poisoning” and that the recall of the pizzas was made “in the name of the precautionary principle”.

Marie Dupin and Joanna Chabas

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