“Families need to meet, exchange ideas. We have to show that we exist.” The first “Family Pride Festival” in Lyon

The 1st festival in France dedicated to the LGBT community and family in Lyon. Animations around the themes of parenting, diversity and visibility. The organizers wanted to give a response to this different family pattern.

Equality comes through visibility. That’s what the organizers of the first edition of “Family Pride” wanted to demonstrate this weekend of April 3rd and 4th, 2022 in Lyon. On the program of this event dedicated to LGBTQIA+ families : Meetings around parenting, sharing experiences of families. Exchange of experiences in a festive atmosphere in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon. Most of the participants in this event were women. The aim of this unique festival in France: to affirm loud and clear that the rainbow children are doing as well as the others.

The event was conceived by the collective Famille.s. While Saturday was dedicated to round tables, Sunday was meant to be festive for children and parents alike. But behind the games, the games and the laughs, the event raises questions from society.

For Marie Durand, co-founder of the collective Famille.s., things are changing on a legal level… but that’s not enough. “Today there is a cruel lack of information (…). I think we can raise awareness of who we are and how things are going in the heart of our families”, She adds.

And every day the aim of the collective is also to practice pedagogy, “move the lines and “accompany any type of family”.

“When we enroll a child in a school, there is a presumption of heterosexuality. And so we have to explain the family pattern: two mothers or two fathers, or that the pattern is not the expected one, since ‘we don’t go’ to tick the father/mother box’, explains Marie Durand, co-founder of the collective Famille.s. “It’s a fairly systematic form of coming out that we have to do on a daily basis to explain our family configuration.”

Parents have to justify themselves, but they also explain family constellations that don’t fit into pigeonholes. “When children start school at a certain age and their exercise book is labeled ‘Mom and Dad’, they know very well that it’s the most commonplace and that they live in families that are a little more atypical. But it is “shows once again that we have not thought about the possibility of having a family that is a little more original than the most classic”, regrets Marlène Ribot-Aubry, present to support the collective.

“However, we are fortunate to arrive at a pivotal moment, many successes are behind us and we are using them. But there are still many details to be clarified.” improve”, admits the young woman. Like the “father-mother” boxes on administrative documents“without the possibility to set parent 1 and parent 2” and “It remains paternity leave”.

What place does a woman have who has not carried her partner’s child to term? Becoming a second mother often proves to be an obstacle course. Annabelle Roche 10 days has officially been the parent of a 3 month old infant for 10 days. She encountered administrative difficulties.

“With early recognition from the notary, I was able to become a mother to my son straight away. But this waiting time gets us into trouble for registering in daycare and for my place. ‘A joint parenting project is humiliating and they still are.’ Things we wouldn’t ask of heterosexual couples’, regret Annabelle, Aattached collective Family.s. “There’s progress, it’s great, but there’s still a lot to do”, she concludes.

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