Families are being sought to house isolated students during Ramadan

Ramadan begins this Saturday April 2nd. A holy month for Muslims, meant to be a moment of sharing and mutual aid. In the spirit of Ramadan, Alsatian families are called to welcome a needy student during the breaking of the fast.

For the second year in a row, the “1 family 1 student” campaign is being held in Strasbourg during the month of Ramadan, starting on Saturday 2 April. It is for a family to welcome a student (or students) who is isolated at the time of the breaking of the fast, iftar. An operation open to everyone, Muslim or not.

The idea was born in the mind of Fayçal Marzouq, a member of the Alsace solidarity community. “More than a year ago I met students who were far from their families and sometimes in great need. We couldn’t leave them alone like that, and even less during Ramadan, which is synonymous with sharing and hospitality.”he explains.

The citizen of the street then looks for families who can host these students for the time of breaking the fast. “And we found a few dozen who opened their doors. There was a real exchange. Many families stayed in touch with their guests,” he adds.

In parallel, Fayçal Marzouq also organizes the preparation of packed lunches for those who couldn’t move or didn’t want to. “We distributed 2,500 baskets during Ramadan 2021 on the Esplanade campus, in the Crous de la Robertsau or near Strasbourg train station.”.

Homemade meals given to students regardless of their origin and background. “Our solidarity action makes no difference between those in need” he adds.

Last year, during the month of Ramadan, Idriss Belmejdouib was invited to one of those families who have responded to the call to break the fast. “An incredible moment”describes the law student. “It was my first Ramadan away from my family who is in Morocco. I was totally biased and felt very alone. He had much empathy and goodwill that evening from the family who received me. I really felt like I was with my family. And what a good meal we had!” he jokes.

Lucile Masson, 25, was also able to break the fast with a family. “I was locked in a 9m² university room, there was the Covid, the curfew, I couldn’t take it anymore.” The then master’s student in sociology was far from her family, who lived in Aine. This meeting over dinner was like a revelation. “If I can, I would like to welcome students to Iftar. To give back everything I got.”

With the success of the previous operation, Fayçal Marzouk goes for a round. “Unfortunately, the needs are still there and still too many students find themselves isolated and destitute.”

Families who wish to can therefore contact the citizen of Strasburg via his Facebook page (above). The latter then establish contact with the students.

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