Fabienne Carat explains that her pregnancy almost prevented her from playing in the Research Section finals

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Pregnant during the filming of the last two episodes of research area which will be broadcast on TF1 on April 21st, Fabienne Carat almost didn’t appear in the finale of the crime series.

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After 14 seasons of breathtaking investigations, the series research sections will bid farewell to the air on April 21 with a final double episode reboot. In April 2021, TF1 has indeed decided to put an end to the police fiction carried by Xavier Deluc. An inevitably complicated moment for the actor, who confided to us in an exclusive interview last February: “It’s 15 years of life, for the public as for me, in prime time on TF1, it means nothing. It’s an era change to go because you have to leave room for others. You gotta know how to say goodbye everyone”. However, out of respect for the audience, the channel offered a real ending to its historical series. The actors therefore met last November to film the last two episodes of research area.

A shoot that almost didn’t happen

At the time, pregnant with her first child, Fabienne Carat was also there. However, the one who joined the cast research area in the fourteenth season Almost missed filming the series finaleas she reveals in the columns of TV 7 days from this Monday, November 11 “Thanks to the two producers, I was able to take part in the last month of pregnancy and it was not planned for occupational medicine. I was delighted to find Xavier and the elders.”, She says. The actress then explains that her pregnancy had an impact on her acting as her character is also pregnant in these final episodes. Like Jeanne, who I embody, I am a single mother who experienced her pregnancy alone. It has helped me nurture my character. I brought her a little bit of my fragility because I was going through the same ordeal as her.. I think we all exposed”She says.

A shootout and a baby

Finally, Fabienne Carat was able to play in the final double episode of research area. And in the midst of filming, she gave birth to daughter Celeste in December 2021. A birth disturbed by some complications, as the young mother confided shortly afterwards. “I was vaccinated and paid attention to it throughout my pregnancy a few days before shooting, an actor or actress brought the covid back to the set and i was one of the infected! As a result, I was not able to return to Paris at the end of filming for the birth of my daughter as planned. That’s why I had to stay in solitary confinement in Nice. That’s why I had to be admitted to the Santa Maria clinic in Nice after the birth and end my isolation there. explained the actress at the time, who then returned to the set with a fake stomach.

Fabienne Carat explains that her pregnancy almost prevented her from playing in the Research Section finals


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