Extension of the culture pass | Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport

“Less than a year ago, the Kulturpass was an ambition, a promise to young people in this key moment of their social and civic life that is growing up: free and unhindered participation in artistic and cultural life. Today is a first successful bet: the meeting or reunion of more than 1 million young beneficiaries with 12,000 cultural actors in this new place of discovery and exchange around art and culture.With a credit of 300 euros and a geolocated application, the Culture Pass is a privileged tool to discover the local offer that removes two major obstacles for young people’s artistic and cultural practice: the cost and the lack of knowledge of the diversity of whether it is about living out your passion better or about new cultural experiences , young people have embraced this opportunity and are testament to an appetite for culture that we must not let go. satisfied. This success is more than recognition, it is an invitation to keep going. It commits us to guarantee every young person in our territory, regardless of the specificity of their situation, the benefits of the culture pass. It invites us to prepare at an early stage for the exercise of this autonomy in cultural decisions. The Kulturpass, which has now been extended for young people from the fourth grade, meets this need. It is divided into an individual part and a structured and supplementary collective part. Each young person aged 15 to 17 benefits from an envelope of 20, then 30 euros that they can use freely to experience “their” culture in total autonomy, following the successful model of the culture pass for young people aged 18 . Over 600,000 young people have already registered! At the same time, depending on the number of pupils, each class from the fourth class is granted a credit intended to finance artistic and cultural education activities carried out in groups and supervised by teachers. Culture is what unites us and helps strengthen our ability to live together. It is a ballast to build our lives, to understand, to debate, to propose, to imagine and to move. As a ferment of cohesion in our society and a fundamental lever of equal opportunities, artistic and cultural education must have a privileged place in the schools of the Republic and for every young person and student in France. Together, these two new components of the Cultural Passport form a progressive and accompanied awareness of each young person of the cultural offer and life conducive to the development of their autonomy until they come of age. They are the result of a leading partnership between our two ministries and those responsible for agricultural, military and maritime education, between the school environment and cultural actors. Thus, the Culture Passport brings together the State, cultural actors and local authorities in the service of this objective. Our two ministries would like to thank all partners for their commitment on our side. Let’s give culture its full place for our youth together!”

Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister for National Education, Youth and Sport and Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister for Culture

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