EXCLUDED — Lio-Oma for first time: ‘This baby is really joyful!’

This is great news that Lio confided in Gala’s columns to newsstands this Thursday, March 24th. The one who will return to the small screen in the TV movie She Saved Me is a little boy’s happy grandmother.

A new chapter starts for Lio. If she agreed to play a lawyer in the TV movie she saved mewhich airs Tuesday March 29th on M6, the singer has recently landed a new role. grannies. Good news from Lio on the pages of the latest issue of Gala at the kiosk on Thursday, 24. “This baby, the son of my son Igor and Pauline, really brings joy”, she admitted with some enthusiasm. For fourteen months now, this piece of cabbage has delighted the interpreter of the title “Banana Split”.

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Therefore, one question is on everyone’s lips: What cute nickname did the sparkling artist get? Lio gives his grandson time to figure out his new nickname. “I’ll see what he chooses, it really doesn’t seem very important to me, she admits during the interview. And for good reason, the 59-year-old singer has other concerns on his mind. “Most of all, I wonder where I’ll get it”, she wonders. After “Always lived in a suitcase” and never in the same place “more than three years”, Lio is seriously considering finding his place “Anchor”. “I am a nomad with all that entails (…), that’s probably why I feel very fragile, she confides in the man who has been single for ten years. Still, looking for a cozy nest to welcome the newest addition to the family, Lio concludes: “I can remain what I am: a nomadic grandmother.”

Lio, surrounded by all her children and her mother, on the set of Vivement Dimanche, February 17, 2010.
© Guillaume Gaffiot/BestimageLio, surrounded by all her children and her mother, on the set of Vivement Dimanche, February 17, 2010.

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As she proudly embraces her white hair and few wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, Lio doesn’t seem to fear the signs of the times. However, this is really just a charade. The mother of six feels “fragile” shortly before his sixtieth birthday. “It’s not so much about what to expect and what I already know, that is being confronted with a ‘no’ more often at work just a ‘yes’”reveals the artist.

From now on, Helena Noguerra’s sister fears that she will no longer be there “Capacity” at “deposit” and face those rejections. I can feel my resources dwindlingshe says with some emotion. A bit like this earth. I am one with Mother Nature!” Waiting for, Lio wants to enjoy the moment. His life is “beautiful, strong” and full of projects with his family.

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Photo credit: Christophe Aubert via Bestimage

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