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In February 2021, the Cordule clan joined Large families, life in XXL on TF1. A year later, the family has grown even bigger and is now sharing their adventures on Instagram. Here’s what you need to know about Justice, Steve, and their seven children.

A family that moved thousands of spectators. On February 22, 2021, fans of Large families, life in XXL discover a whole new family for the third season of the program… the Cordule clan. At the time of their arrival on the show, Justine and Steve Cordule, who are now followed by more than 100,000 subscribers on Instagram, are parents to six children: Timéo, Tom, Cloé, Toan, Lilas-Rose and Lubin. In August 2021, Justine Cordule announced she was pregnant with her seventh child and shared behind the scenes the arrival of her third daughter Lyson, who presented with a brain cyst in the early months of pregnancy. On March 11th she gives birth to a small doll of 4,360 kg and 52 cm! On this occasion, TV 2 weeks summarizes what you need to know about the Cordule family.

Where does the Cordule family live?

As revealed in the first episode of the third season of Large families, life in XXL, The Cordule family lives in the municipality of Wavrin in the northern French metropolis of Lille. Justine, 35, is housewife while her husband, Steve, 36, is Public transport security guard. In 2013, the couple said “yes” to life under the amazed eyes of three of their children, Timéo, the eldest, Tom, then 4 years old, and little Cloé, then only 11 months old. An unforgettable day for the Cordules, who were still struggling with little Tom’s handicap…

Tom Cordule, a child diagnosed with autism

“It was a tough time for Tom at our wedding, but we got through it and we had a perfect wedding,” Justine Cordule wrote under a photo of their wedding, which was celebrated in 2013. And for good reason, the 12-year-old boy was diagnosed with Asperger’s autism at the age of 2: What was hard was the day we got the letter saying Tom Cordule was disabled“, explains Steve in episode 1 and makes his wife cry. “It was really difficult. That’s when we really realized it was true. The world is collapsing a bit. It was complicated.” On January 21, 2022, Justine Cordule announced that little Tom had switched schools to better cope with his disability: “We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it works, the college listened…”

What is the salary of the Cordule family?

On February 22, 2021, the Cordule family makes its first appearance Large families, life in XXL on TF1. On social media, fans of the show are asking the same question as the other participants… Are the cordules paid by the production? As revealed by either the Pellissards or the Gayats, the families who participate in the program don’t get paid a penny for the simple reason that they aren’t under contract. The show will be filmed as a documentary: “We sign a broadcast and image rights authorization, that’s all,” specified Amandine Pellissard, during a live performance. Thus, since arriving on TF1, followed by more than 100,000 people on social networks, Justine and Steve are now reaping the benefits of the product placements that are made daily on Instagram. When asked about it during a live recording, the young mother refused to provide any further information.

The Cordule family is back Big families on TF1?

In October 2021, after one season in the program, Justine and Steeve Cordule announce their departure Large families, life in XXL. “Final clap… This is the end of a great experience for us… We loved it so much. A team at the top. A crazy experience… Never in our life have we said one day we will make a TV show… and especially on TF1. We were lucky to have a crazy team. All our lives we will remember you, and the kids too… Thank you”, the mother of the family wrote on Oct. 7. Why such a decision? In the Instagram story, she soberly explained: “We just wanted to do a season!”

Big families, life in XXL: everything you (perhaps) didn't know about the Cordule family


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